Evil Twins that RUIN Your Happiness (plus 2 MORE FREE workshops!)

This is a mini-workshop. You can pause it and do it in segments if you wish.

  • There are a total of THREE free workshops here!


Spirit kept me up late night until I agreed to create this just for you!

If you are HERE…it is no accident! You will need pen and paper!

Download to have forever…


Workshop # 1: Sneaky Evil Twins

Workshop # 2: Three Quick Steps to Accelerate your healing

Be Better prepared to get MORE out of the mini-workshop by watching this “QUICK Accelerator” Video first!

Workshop # 3: Healing the Bitchy Mother Syndrome


Sometimes there are old childhood wounds that prevent us from being able to heal. 

The GREATEST WOUND of all is what I call…The Bitchy Mother Wound!

If your mother was NOT a nurturer…you could have been seriously damaged!

After all…if your own mother did not support and nurture you…then who would?

I created this program at no charge to help you heal this almost impossible wound!

Register and be healing this in minutes!

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