Mataji: Joyous Babies


Many spiritual Beings just LOVE it when we humans invite them to partake of our life experiences.

In my live seminars, I often have participants dance with the Beings of Light that are present!
The rhythm changes with each different Light Being.
This is how I made friends with Jesus after years of being terrified He would toss me into a lake of fire.
I asked Jesus to dance with me…and, He LOVED IT!
Knowing this, and feeling that Mataji wanted to be invited…I requested that She come out dancing with my fiancé and I.
* Mataji: Great Avatar and sister to Babaji


Actually, I think we had the BEST time we have ever had…ain’t nothing like a few Enlighted Beings hanging around to rev up the energy!
Next day, when I asked Mataji how She liked it…

She responded with this…

Yes, I had a great time out dancing with you and Thomas.
And there was so much joy in the place.
I had almost forgotten the ecstasy of human JOY.


Yes. spiritual ecstasy is wonderful. It’s a different vibration.
Never think that spiritual ecstasy is better than human ecstasy.
Joy is the beginning of all kinds of ecstasy, including human and spiritual.

Joy is a great connector.

 See the video of the babies experiencing pure joy.

(I don’t know who to give credit to for this video- it is precious!)

 Let it be okay to seek joy!
Yes! Find joy in whatever activity brings joy to you.


 Mataji continues:
 Rebecca, you ~ find joy in dancing. Yes, it lights up the place when you are in that space… that energy of joy.
If a person has no joy in their life, then they must ask for it. 
There is no greater thing that you can ask for.
Question for Mataji: 
How would someone ask for more joy? 
What if one is feeling sad and depressed?


Mataji answers:
Just the fact that one is asking for more joy activates your very powerful portion of the brain that serves you so well.


The portion of brain called the reticular formation. (Reticular Activation System-once programed this RAS finds and brings to your awareness things that are important to you)
Simply say “I ask and allow more joy into my life.” 
Mataji advises further:
Here Rebecca, one of your tapping exercises would go right along with this.
*Yes, I created one for you~ Find that video below.


Mataji continues:
 As you fill your empty cup with joy and allow all expressions of joy to come forth… You are bringing a precious gift both to yourself and to all those around you.

Let the contagious energy of joy flow freely.

More soon~ Mataji



From Rebecca:
Privately, Mataji is advising me about the connection between Atlantis, The Crystal, Thoth the Atlantean and the Enlightened Beings in every culture.

More on that as She gives guidance to share.

Love, Rebecca

PS: If you want to give a Light Being a real thrill…put on some music and invite them to dance!

Invite several for even MORE fun...
You will find that your energy and rhythm changes with each Light Being!
They don’t care how good you can dance…they love the attention and they LOVE to be invited.
It shows that YOU are evolving when you KNOW that Light Beings desire your company.

PPS: I had a wild and glorious experience with the High Priest of Atlantis, Thotme.

He was the High Priest at the time Atlantis was submerged.
He sent his son, Thoth, and many Atlanteans to safety in a flying craft.

High Priest, Thotme, says that I was his wife at the time Atlantis was engulfed in waters.

His love for me was so great… that he put me in a state of dreamlike spiritual extasy so that I would not see the destruction of my beloved homeland.


This experience was so real that I almost go into trance just trying to type this for you.
You will hear the full story of this very soon.
PPPS: If you loved this…send it to someone else who can use an outpouring of JOY, you earth angel you!
PPPPS: Do you have my “Easy Guide to Channel Your own Guardian Angels?

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EFT Tapping for More Joy!

Download this video to your computer


Leave a comment in the section below…how did your JOY go up with the tapping?

Between the Joyous babies and the tapping I hope you had a great uplifting!

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  1. Kelly on May 10, 2022 at 9:36 pm

    Thanks so much Rebecca!! I am feeling it!! Whoo!!!

  2. Barbara Szmyt on May 9, 2022 at 7:30 pm

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for so much joy through the tapping exercise, through those beautiful children, and through your own expression of pure joy! I am very grateful to you, to Mataji, and all the beings who join me in Dancing with joy!💖💖💖🙏🙏🙏😆😆😆

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