Debra Poneman: Undoing What My Father Taught Me

Sometimes, someone can say a thing even better than I could.

This wonderful insight from a spiritual Dynamo, Debra Poneman, will lift you up and inspire you!

In my renewed vow to “Do more good in the world” I just had to share this video…I KNOW it will do you good!

Debra’s channel

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Debra’s channel

This is what Debra Covers in this video:
In Undoing What My Father Taught Me you’ll discover,

  • The origin of the word righteous and how we can always choose it
  • How having abundance is as simple as “pulling a chord”
  • How to feel and live in the light of Grace
  • What my dad taught me about rich people
  • A technique to undo childhood beliefs that still run our lives


This is the 50th offering in a series of short videos Debra sends  every Saturday.  And while you’re there, subscribe to Debra’s YouTube channel!



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  1. Diane Moseley on August 14, 2021 at 6:26 pm

    Loved the video

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