Purify Your Heart: From The Lost Teachings of Holy Spirit


The video portrays just the very basic technique for bringing MORE Holy Spirit into your life.

Even though this is simple- Holy Spirit promises us that doing this ONE basic exercise for 7 days in a row will raise your vibrations and catapult you further on your spiritual eveolution.


I am in awe, gratitude and crying tears of joy at the changes in my life since I have been practicing this.

  • Answers come almost faster than the questions
  • A HUGE family issue has almost melted away!
  • The sense of power and vitality in my life has increased and I am just IN LOVE with everybody!

The advanced teachings will take you even further than you have imagined!

When Lord Maitreya appeared in my spirit vision and asked me to be the ONE to bring forth these Lost teachings of Holy Spirit, I had no idea of  the renewed power it would bring.

  • If your goal is to be of service to humanity,
  • If your goal is to develop YOUR gifts,
  • If your goal is to see peace and removal of wickedness in high places,


These Lost Teachings are for you!



Read about the class this weekend and see how your heart leaps in joy!

Advanced Class on The Lost Teachings of Holy Spirit This weekend.

Click for info!

You will grow spiritually as you never have before!


Love you,


PS: I am being given NEW information each day.

As I am  DOING the techniques each morning- Holy Spirt gives me MORE!

I sincerely believe this can happen for you too!

Spirit desires a willing heart- not  some perfect Guru.

Spirit desires YOU.

Class Delivered via ZOOM or Phone.


Sat March 27 from 3 to 5 eastern

Material repeated

Sun March 28 from 2 to 4 eastern

(No extra charge for coming on BOTH days) If time is not right- Register and I will send you the video replay.

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