Power Words

I’m reminded of a story told to me by my friend and mentor, The American Monk- Burt Goldman.
Burt tells the story of Lucy, a young girl who attended one of his seminars with her parents.
Lucy wasn’t paying that much attention until he got to the part about POWER WORDS.
Power words are DIFFERENT than an affirmation. Power words are a one word COMMAND- for action right now! While an affirmation implies future or gradual action.
You see, Lucy was just starting High school and was being bullied by a group of older teens.
Every day when Lucy would pass by, the group would taunt her, call her names and generally make her miserable!
 It was so humiliating that Lucy HATED going to school!
 She feared her high school years would be the worst in her life, instead of the fun times one expects and looks forward to.
After Lucy learned about power words- she went to school with new hope and vigor.
Lucy reported to Burt that when she used her power word, she walked right by the bullies…”Why, they didn’t even see me, Lucy remarked…it was as if I was invisible!”
When questioned about just what power word she used, Lucy replied Proudly. “I used the word…BEWARE!”

Here is how YOU can use your own Power Word:

Step 1. Select just ONE word. This is your action command- NOW. (more words is an affirmation)
Step 2. Say the word in your mind over and over with authority. (You can also say it out loud if no one is around.)
Step 3. Use just one power word at a time...do not dilute the power!
Examples of situations to use Your Power Words:
When you desire a calm spirit in the face of chaos. Use the word CALM.
  •  When you are worried about finances. Use the word ABUNDANCE.
  •  When you are feeling sad. Use the word HAPPY.
  • When you feel threatened. Use the word BEWARE. (like our friend Lucy)
  • When you are in a court battle or any battle. Use the word VICTORY.
Yes, the holidays are coming up and you will likely find many uses for these words.
I look forward to sharing MORE good news that will help your energy soar upward!
Hey….THAT is another good power word. UPWARD!
Love, Rebecca
PS: Soon, I will present you the 12 Angels of Easy World- to make YOUR world easier!
Stay tuned.
PPS. There are thousands of uses for Power Words- Use them.
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