HPT Cures “Jailing Beliefs” for Relationships or Money

Today…it’s all about Your Money (and why the heck is it hiding from you)

Using my latest HPT technique (which is short, Quick and Incredibly powerful)

You will discover what is keeping Your Abundance at bay.

But what good is that unless you can change it?

Change it… by changing the Atomic Structure of your brain around Money and the having of it!

Option #2. “HPT for the ‘Jailing Beliefs’ around Finances”

Wednesday June 11 at 12 Noon/ or take the evening class at 8 Pm eastern


Here is the story of the New More Powerful Heart Point technique:

I could almost feel the presence of Sylvia Browne wanting to help (She is on the other Side now)

Sylvia Browne 1936, - November 20, 2013,

Sylvia Browne 1936, –
November 20, 2013,

I felt I heard her say… “Rebecca, use your HPT and help them find the entry point of the “jailing belief”- then use the new technique of shifting the Atomic structure of the brain to Change that belief right now.” (Sylvia is talking about the new “Sound vortex” technique in Heart Point Technique.)

Now…Sylvia has added information about the “Subconscious Driver” that Unlocks the Mystery of “Who’s in Charge here Anyway”? (Sure doesn’t feel like us…does it?)

It was about 6 AM before I was done mapping out the process from Spirit. From Chaos Springs genius.

Here is what happened…

There I was…wide awake, staring at the clock- 4 AM…
Trying to think ‘sleepy thoughts’…”you’re getting sleepier and
… nah, doesn’t work when it is spirit waking you up.

What’s so special about the early hour?
Oh, yea, right…that’s when the veil is thinnest.
It’s useless to try and sleep when a Spirit wakes you up!
The past few mornings, I have seemed to feel the presence of Sylvia Browne
with me.

What does Sylvia want?

She wants me to get up and write, and listen to her great ideas…
She seems very excited about asking me to use some of her wonderful
healing techniques along with HPT in this next class.

For instance…
Sylvia pointed out that it would be off -the- charts helpful to Locate
the ‘entry point’ of when we started to have a bad time.

She is giving me instructions to Deflect that entry point and dissolve
the cell memories around that.

But, Sylvia continues…’It’s not enough to deflect the ‘entry point’- some
people have become so identified with the crappy way their life is… they
feel paralyzed to move even if the jail cell door is wide open.

You can hand them the keys to the jail-cell and they can still sit there, terrified to walk out. “

Q. So Sylvia, what’s the solution?

A. You Must show them how to Contact and Invite in…”The Spirit of Courage”.
And, Rebecca, there really is a “Spirit of Courage”.

Now, some may need to tap for, “I’m afraid to ask for the ‘Spirit of Courage’
…because once you have the Spirit of Courage properly ensconced in your energy,
you MUST take some action.

Q.(from Rebecca) “Sylvia, why do we get so many “unknown factors” that hold
us back?”

A. Because we reincarnate with many ‘cell memories’ of previous lifetimes.

These can be good cell memories…or not so good.

Most healers just focus on trying to dissolve the bad ones. This is good
but they are leaving a great chance for expansion on the table.

I will show you (and your students) how to Both Dissolve the bad ones into
the White Light of the Holy Spirit…and to Awaken the Opposite cellular memories
that have been overshadowed by so much attention to the negative.

* When properly done…The Awakening of Positive Cellular memories can change a
person’s life drastically for the better!

 * Add to that… the technique to actually Change the Atomic Structure of the brain with Sacred Chant and it’s Unstoppable!

(Wowsers)Sylvia makes a grand offer…
“I will be right there with you, Rebecca and will even offer psychic advice
to students when it seems right.”

Q. Why does Sylvia Brown seem so interested in Heart Point technique?

A. It was Sylvia who introduced the world to Mother God Azna.
It is Mother God who has given the precious Heart Point Technique. (HPT)

(You can call Mother God by any of her names but the name
Azna carries special powers.)

** Masters, Contact Rebecca for special Info on this

***If you were LIVE on the call last week- you have a coupon- use it.

Announcing Two Topics of HPT Classes Tues and Wed:

Heal Relationship Failures or Money Failures

Option #1. “HPT for the ‘Jailing Beliefs’ around Relationships”

Now Available on Audio



Option #2. “HPT for the ‘Jailing Beliefs’ around Finances”

Wednesday June 11 at 12 Noon/ or take the evening class at 8 Pm eastern



Option #3. BOTH HPT classes , HPT for Relationships and Finances

Now Available on Audio (The relationship class- take the Money class LIVE today)

$77  (Tues and Wed)


Option #4. . Certification: BOTH HPT classes , HPT for Relationships and Finances

Includes Everything you need- to do this process to clients.

An easy to “just read it”, step by step manual that makes it Kindergarten easy.

Follow steps one, two, three and four and be successful.

* Certificate does Not qualify you to teach All HPT, just this Topic as presented.

(date to go over manual to be announced)


So, here is what you can expect in Both classes: (Using HPT)
* Install the Divine Mother power, Divine father Power and become the Divine Child.

* Discover and dissolve the “Entry point” which causes the root of your
   failures.(defective cell memory)

* the Power of sacred chant to chant the Atomic structure of the brain.

* Enlist the power of the “Subconscious Driver” to take you in the direction
   youWant (for a change)

* Install and Awaken the “perfection of cell memory” in your favor.

* Invite in the spirit of Courage and Move forward!

The session will take about 90 minutes. Simply NOT necessary to “get all up into the story”

Update…Sylvia asked me to please refer  clients for a reading with her son Chris.

She’s helping him from the other Side.


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  1. Marlene Reynolds on June 9, 2014 at 8:45 pm

    Can’t afford anymore of these healings, wish I could.
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  2. jj on June 9, 2014 at 6:32 pm

    R U KIDDING???
    u r great, Rebecca!!
    BUT who can afford you & your programs???
    ONLY those with $$$$ to begin with…………

    FROM Rebecca: Why not Check out all the FREE HEALINGS I offer every single month?
    Check out my “FREE STUFF” page.

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