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How to Restore Wealth… Even if You Never had It in the First Place!

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The hard cold facts of loss have been staring me in the face. This Insidious Monster of Loss seems to be creeping through our land like an Evil Plague! The media seems to add to it by only reporting the worst!

Oh, did you think I never lost anything because of my relationship with Divine Mother? Many of the things I teach on are exactly the things I have gone through. (Correction…make that Everything I teach )

Actually, I must have volunteered for this position so I could help others more deeply.

Here’s what Mother said to me recently when I was crying and whining about going through a hard situation,

“Rebecca you would not be able to teach with such passion if you had not gone through it yourself.

People learn best from someone who teaches from experience- anybody can read some book and then teach about it.

 Effective teaching comes from someone who has been in the trenches.”

(Oh Azna, please deliver me from the trenches!)

Divine Mother Azna

I’m not going to burden you with a long list of things I have lost in my lifetime but I can tell you this…

• I have lost two homes that I dearly loved

• Lost four siblings

• Lost a prestigious career ( Thankfully, not the one I love now)

• Been almost homeless (living with 3 kids in a relatives bedroom, meanwhile- they were losing their house too)

• Had a lot of money and lost it all– Twice in my lifetime

So when Azna started talking to me about the “Law of Restoration” and an “Untapped Mighty Resource”- Plus, how to help folks recover…you can bet my ears perked right up.

Is there any among us who has not lost a great deal in this lifetime?

This is Not just about finances…what about confidence? Power? Status? (of course, losing your money or home can sure knock your confidence for a loop)

Now, what if you have never had anything much in this lifetime? How could a class on the “Law of Restoration” help you?

The fact is, you can energetically restore wealth to a stranger and reap the benefits for yourself.

How is THAT possible!

What if an ancestor or personality in your past life has suffered great loss? This audio class will guide you in soul-connecting, wealth restoration and how to reap the benefits right now in this lifetime.
When someone suffers loss, they will either:

• Become discouraged, bitter and stay that way insuring they will Never recover! (give up)

Allow a little pity for awhile, learn from it and then come back strong (highly recommended- but how?)

• Get it back but turn into a miser and or, a hoarder (yikes- misery for sure)

Not only will this class heal your feelings around loss, it will energetically restore that substance.

What may have been lost years or even centuries ago can be restored in this two hour miracle audio class!

Q. You say the wealth can be energetically restored…how is that going to help put a real jingle in my actual pocket?

A. Everything is Created energetically first and then brought into physical manifestation. Did you know that Loss happens energetically BEFORE it is Lost in physical reality?( Won’t it be masterful to learn how to reverse this process?)

Mother says…” There is an Untapped Mighty Resource, a little-known Power that is Mightier even than Faith!

 Once you learn how to apply this Untapped Resource, the whole Universe will begin to move like a bull elephant pushing through all your obstacles for you.”

(At this news, I was astonished for I did not believe there was anything in the universe greater than faith)

You see, Mother explained, This Untapped Mighty Resource came even before faith came. It is far easier to learn to use the Mighty Resource because it does not require for you to have a mountain of faith before you get started.

Using the Untapped Mighty Resource will cause your faith to grow…simply because you will start to see results quickly. Imagine how marvelous to see the Universe rushing to move For you …instead of seemingly against you!

Did Mother tell me what the “Untapped Resource Mightier than Faith” consists of?

Yes, She did and She told me how to teach you to use it in baby steps. So, why don’t I just blurt it out to you right here? Why have a class about it?

Because, Beloved…There is one human condition that is a natural enemy of this Untapped Mighty Resource. You must recognize this natural enemy and be ready to transform it before you can learn to use the “Untapped Mighty Resource” for restoration . Why, I simply would not do this revelation justice to just blurt it out with no instructions!

In this audio program…I stand ready to guide you step by step through the “law of restoration”.

 I stand ready to share with you exactly what you must do to activate this law on your behalf.

I am ready to demonstrate how you can use this “Untapped Mighty Resource” for your long overdue good.

Do you trust that this revelation from Divine Mother is exactly what you need right now?

This audio class is created from 3 live teleseminars…so YOU get the audios of all three!

Price for this two hr riveting, teleclass is only $67.

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