What do you want?

What would you like to recieve in the “10 days of Divine Mother Healing and Blessing”

coming up oct 5 thru 15?

And…are thee teachings bringing up questions for you? Please put your questions in the comment sections. You may also put your needs.

One lady asked if Divine Mother could sing to her…I thought that was very sweet.

I do know that on day One… Divine Mother will tell us all how to get our prayers answered more often.

But…what kinds of blessings would do you the most good?

I will consider all the comments and be a willing channel to bring you all that I can from Divine Mother.

Just leave your requests in the comment section below.

(remeber this is public- so use a fake name if you don’t want anyone (but Mother) to know who you are.

I love you, Rebecca

PS_ if you did’t register yet go here and do it right now

https://rebeccamarina.com/2011/09/10-days/ (only those registerd will get the info to attend)