Thanks, Azna 09/2011

Thanks for registering to see me (Rebecca) channel Mother God  Azna- live and in person. (Via streaming live video)

I hope you put in the correct email because that is how I will send you the information to attend.

The event is completely free!

If you do want the replay and the written transcript there is a small charge.(This helps me back for the bandwidth and the transcriptionist charges)

Only $27 gets you Both Replay and written transcript!

How to watch:

Step #1. Go check your mail right now. There should be an email from me. (Check your spam filter too- make sure to click ‘This is NOT spam” if you have that option)

Step #2. Open all emails  from me so you get the notices and reminders of how to watch.

Step # 3. Get the replay and transcript for only $27 so you can enjoy the message again and again. (you have two weeks to watch the replay- transcript is yours forever)

Yes! of course I want to watch Mother Azna again on video! And I want that written transcript too.

What a blessing at only $27 for Both.

Mother God Azna shares HPT with the World!

Q. What do I need in order to watch the live streaming video?

A. You do need a good internet connection and video capabilities. If you can watch a youtube video- you can watch this.

Want to test your computer to see how this works?

Go to to test.

If you can watch the home page there… you can watch me channel Azna for this is the exact system I am using for this event.

Q. What if I have dial-up?

A. If you have dial-up you will not be able to watch. I suggest you go to someone elses home to watch. Don’t miss this! Figure out a way! Where there is a will…there is a way! Ask Azna to help you.