I’ve been traveling for a week from California to deep South Texas.

What a shock to go from 72 degrees to 105! (needless to say, I’m not having second thoughts about moving to Ventura.)


HPT works great!

While I was in Texas, I had Dr Felici look at my blood under a darkfield microscope.

(A darkfield is special microscope able to look at live blood- a trained expert can tell you everything going on in your body past and present- with just a drop of live blood)

I decided to do some heart point technique first. I held the position and asked Holy Spirit and divine mother Azna energy to come into my body and blood.

Just as I suspected, the blood sample was full of sparkling lights!

Dr Felici says never sees this kind of light in blood…and she looks at blood all day long.

So, if I can do this and have visible proof of divine light manifesting…you can surely do it too.

Holy Spirit will come to you whether you hold the HPT position or not…HPT just makes it more pronounced.

Soon I will get cameras that can take live footage, do some experiments and share them with you.

For the EFT old-timers, you likely remember when I did a similar experiment with EFT and Divine Light.

Fact: Divine light will come when you call it- doing any kind of energy meridian work will enhance it.

To Power-charge your prayers.

Why do we pray in the first place?

• We pray to get help

• We pray for reassurance

• We pray for guidance

• We pray because we want to communicate

• We pray because we are grateful and appreciative.

Here are several things you can do you to make your prayers more fruitful.

A. Call for Archangel Michael to clear obstructions for you. Lately, I have been calling on Michael and he is really coming through for me. Klazina, a lovely lady at the last seminar, told me to call on Him for help with the crazy tech issues we were having. I did call on him and the next day everything worked much better!

B. Hold the HPT position while you pray. It really open the channels to receiving guidance. (You just have to try it and see)

HPT hand positions

C. As you hold the Heart Point technique position, ask for Holy Spirit Light to come into your being. You may even feel a little tingly. Holy Spirit Light will help to illuminate the answers you seek.

D. If you are feeling desperate, have mercy on yourself. Always start from where you are. No matter how you are feeling and have mercy on yourself. Bring that part of yourself that is feeling desperate into a circle of light and shower that part with mercy.

You know Beloved Ones, we are so hard on ourselves! This harshness with self often keeps us from being open to blessings. The greatest trick of the denser energies is to get us into self-criticism. It’s hard to ask for assistance from a place of criticizing self because this causes feelings of unworthiness. So be merciful to yourself.

Ask Azna:

(Azna is the name Divine Mother is known by on the other side)

I have been getting a lot of questions for “Ask Azna” lately.

How would you like a Live-channeled event with me answering your questions for Azna?

And would you like that event to be free?

I’m looking at some time slots to do just that for you this weekend.

I do have lots of questions already but you can leave yours here.


(Do Not email them to me please- this overloads my mailbox and I can’t find anything)

***Please pay Attention:

Proper format: Dear Azna “How can I blank blank blank”

Improper format: Dear Azna” Will I be blank blank blank”

Mother Azna wants to give you advice and guidance– She does not want to predict your future.


I will let you know as soon as I get some good times set up for the livestreaming channeling. It will be no-cost event-however there will be a small charge for the replay and transcript. (I have to pay for bandwidth on both video and audio but more on video- however the visual component is so worth it!)

Happy praying…

Love and so many blessings are coming your way,