‘Expect Miracles’

Divine Mother Healing & Blessing!

Thursday, The Goddess Lakshmi will be in the House!

Lakshmi  wants to give a prosperity Blessing and have me demonstrate it for you. Last night as
I was trying to go to sleep- Lakshmi asked me to go into my healing room  and listen to her instructions. Lakshmi wants
to have a specific anointing and prosperity blessing.

Friday Oct 14- Special 90 minutes of Divine Mother.

She will be answering your questions about life, love and prosperity. (BTW, Mother God
totally Rocks when She is answering questions!)

Why come on Friday?

* Divine Mother answers your questions (90 minutes- live spontaneous channeling)

* Drawing for Divine Mother “private audience” winners
(3 will be chosen from all those who felt guided to Donate)

* Unveiling , “Private Audience” Divine Mother Mentorship
program (only 5 spots for this)

Remember, if you can’t come live… register anyway and you
will have access to all replays.


What time will this be?

Each session will be short- 15 Minutes at 12 noon Pacific,(Los Angeles Ca time) 2 Pm CST,3 PM eastern (New York time) This is meant to be a refreshing drink from the well of Divine Mother love.

Who should attend?

• All those who desire a transmission of pure love
• All those who desire blessings of abundance
• All those who are open to healing for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions
• All those who are willing to allow the Divine mother presence to move mountains for them and work miracles on their behalf
• Most importantly…all those who feel the Holy Spirit tugging at your heartstrings

How shall I attend?

I am providing as many ways as technology allows so that no-one will be left out.
• You may attend by streaming video (watch from anywhere in the world)
• You may attend by telephone (listening mode only)
• You may attend by listening to audio on the web (very handy for those in countries outside USA)
• You may have access to all replay (all who register will have access to replay)
• All who register will have the transcript emailed to them about ten days After the Oct 15 session (takes time to transcribe and create PDF)

How much will this cost?

There is no cost to you. I do have to pay for bandwidth for the transmissions and I usually do charge for the transcript…but this time, I am absorbing the cost and trusting in the universe to provide all my needs.
(I want to make sure all those who love the Divine Mother will have access to these blessings.)

Will you accept Donations ?

Yes, Mother says to allow donations as long as they are from a cheerful heart.  All those who follow inner guidance and donate will be entered into a drawing to have a private audiance with Divine Mother.

To register:

(All information to attend will be sent to you upon registration


Will you help spread the word about this “10 days of Divine Mother Healing”?

Even if you miss a day, you will have the replay sent to you.

Q. How can I help spread the word?

Put this link on Facebook:   Free! 10 days of Divine Mother Healing/ Expect Miracles!   https://rebeccamarina.com/go/19
Put this link on Twitter:  Free! 10 days of Divine Mother Healing/ Expect Miracles!   https://rebeccamarina.com/go/19

Q. Do I need to do anything else to attend?

A. If you desire, you can bring a bottle of oil to each session (even if it is the replay) The energy transmission of Divine mother will go into the oil. You can use it as Holy Anointing oil. Bring your oil to each session and the energy will accumulate.

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