Self Forgiveness

What do mothers need more than anything else?

As a mother of five…and after having hearing from thousands of mothers I can confidently say we want …drum roll please.


I can think of so many mistakes I have made with my children. I wish I would have done certain things differently. I can only ask for forgiveness.

There is not a mother out there who thinks she raised her kids perfectly.

However, I discovered that kids raised in the same family can have completely different views on how momma treated them.

I was shocked when one of my children ‘remembered’ that I never once got up and made them breakfast before school!

This child  sincerely  remembered their childhood that way. (I can tell you for sure I have been making kid’s breakfast  for 36 years- my baby is 17 and the oldest is 37)

A good friend of mine tells me her sister remembers their mother as loving and kind while my friend remembers the same mother as grouchy, pushy, and controlling!

And yes- there are some mothers who really shouldn’t have had children (but then how would you have gotten here?)

And yes, there are some mothers who are so toxic you are better off without so much contact.

However, Divine Mother would like us to start with some divine forgiveness.

First for ourselves and then for our mothers. (And if your mother was a saint and none of this applies to you then be grateful! Call her and tell her how wonderful she is- or, if she has crossed, then send her a prayer)

If  you just can’t extend Divine Forgiveness to your mother…at least extend it to yourself. You can start with forgiving yourself because it is so hard to forgive your mother.

You can start for forgiving yourself because you just didn’t know any better way to be a mother.

You can start by forgiving yourself for having your own problems and not seeing the needs of your children.

Get it?

Forgive yourself, beloved.

Here is a heart point technique exercise  to help you.

It is beneficial to imagine you are in the lap of Divine Mother- click the audio and let my voice guide you.

#1.Hold the HPT hand positions as seen in the photo.

#2. Focus on where the ‘unforgiveness’ is lodged in your body.

#3. Imagine the light of God’s mercy gathering in your Higher self Point.

#4 Chant the sacred Arabic phrase An NUR as you bring that light of mercy down throught the crown, into the corpus callosum, down through the pineal gland, through all the points your hands are covering.

#5. Simply be in the mercy for yourself.

Remember- it is waayyy more fun to allow my voice to guide you.

Download the mp3 and have it forever.

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  1. Pitaya on May 8, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Thank you for this, Rebecca. So true. I know it’s the one thing I want from my daughter. My son already gave me this as a gift.

  2. Cindy (in Portland, OR) on May 8, 2011 at 10:13 am

    Hi Rebecca!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    I am so grateful for your message about “Forgiveness!”
    Forgiveness was extended to myself, to my birth mother
    and to my step mother.

    Thank you Mother Azna for loving all of us!

    Light, Love & MANY Blessings,

    Cynthia Stead
    Portland, OR

  3. Pam Rennie on May 8, 2011 at 8:41 am

    My Mother’s Day is off to an extra special start having begun the day with this HPT exercise for Forgivness.

    I loved hearing your voice guide me along; as I felt the full circle of Love from Divine Mother, my own Mother and my children too. Thank you Rebecca for this precious Mother’s Day gift.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


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