KNow for Sure- Good or evil

How to Know for Sure… Good from Evil- Concrete Steps

Do you ever feel unsure when hearing of ascended masters, saints, angels, dieties?


Is this being of the light?

Is this being really of God?

Is this being trying to trick me?

Ultimately…yikes- is this being Satan?

Scary sounding right?

Sometimes we feel fearful when we hear a new teaching or we are introduced to a new being of Light.

Here’s concrete steps for you to do so you can know for sure… if a being  is dark or Light.

A. Call for Holy Spirit Light to surround you, help and protect you.

B. Ask the being- ‘Are you of the Light, I command the truth by the power of Holy Spirit Light’.


If they are of God…you will have a sense of them bowing to the Divinity within you.

If they are not of the highest light- you will have a sense of them fleeing.

Q. Why?

A. All energies know that you are sparks of the Divinity of god…whether you acknowledge it or not.

All energies know that you were given dominion over all things…whether you acknowledge it or not.

All energies know that you have a right to demand only the highest light and teachings.

Q. Why use Holy Spirit Light?

A. Because it is impossible to lie to Holy Spirit.

Now, just because you feel nervous about moving forward does Not mean the teaching or being is not of the Highest light.

Just before some of my greatest revelations and advancements, I felt so nervous I was about to puke.

Looking back, I see it was really a very heightened sense of anticipation.


To make this even easier make an ‘intention’ right now.

“Only beings of highest Light may come into my presence.” intend that and forget about it. if one constantly worries about ‘being led astray by dark energies…one might as well roll out the red carpet for them.

If you do feel some fearful thoughts, please don’t get into self-judgment over it.

Click here for an HPT (Heart Point Technique) Exercise to help you release your fears.

HPT is a very effective healing modality from Mother God, Azna.


HPT hand positions


#1. Hold HPT Hand positions (In addition to face points, you can also cradle the heart)

#2. Visualize where you feel the fear in your body (rate the intensity from 1- 10)

#3.Ask Holy Spirit Light to flow down from your higher self point (18 to 24 inches above your head)

#4. Say- “Please shine the Holy Spirit Light on my fears”

#5. Imagine Holy Spirit light flowing down from the Higher self point, into the crown, through all the points beneath your hands and into the place in your body where you are holding the fear.

#6. Continue holding the points and chanting “Holy Spirit Light”, until you feel the fear dissipating. (take another rating and reapply if still above a five)

Know this, that once Holy Spirit Light is invited in and activated it will continue to work for you and be with you. The intensity will continue to go down as you chant, “Holy Spirit Light” and have mercy on yourself for being susceptible to human fears.

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  1. on February 5, 2013 at 11:19 pm

    Your own article, “KNow for Sure- Good or evil | Rebecca Marina” was indeed truly worth commenting
    on! Simply just wished to announce u did a superb work.
    Thanks for the post ,Mattie

  2. Rene Remington on May 8, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Remembering we have dominion over all things is especially important. Thanks so much. You are always so helpful Rebecca.
    I see light and dark as a continuous strand in spite of how it may seem like two separate entities. Do you understand?

  3. Solly on May 4, 2011 at 9:16 pm


  4. MICHELLE on May 4, 2011 at 11:49 am

    great as usual ! we needed that ! I sure did !!!


  5. Magic Goddess on May 2, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Hi Rebecca – thank you for this. Very helpful and i felt opened up to read about the honoring bowing down to the divinity.

    However, I feel uncomfortable with the Light/Dark duality that is in so much of healing talk.

    I want to honor the DARK. The blackness of the womb. The blackness of grandmother night. The blackness from where there iswaves vibrations energy of universe.

    The peace. The sleep.

    Can you please talk about this darkness and how to incorporate Darkness into healing?

    Thank you.


  6. Teri on May 2, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    thank you Rebecca. Just this night…even less than 2 hrs ago I was having a conversation with a dear friend who seems so afraid of dark powers entering his body and even suspects he may have an entity or two lurking in his being. I told him about asking the Holy Spirit for help and to ask in His name to tell any dark energies to leave. Now my friend seemed to want to dismiss my advice. The reason…not sure….I am thinking it may be that it seems too simple to him… or that there is an entity lurking and not wanting to leave perpetuates the situation by reinforcing the disbelief. AAAhh! Even as i am writing this i think maybe there is a self destructive energy around my friend. He is suicidal…not all the time but seems to have no control over his thoughts of suicide. He also cannot see a future for himself. He is intelligent, very sensitive and a gifted musician. He tends to get angry with himself and even if he sometimes gets angry with me his anger doesn’t seem to affect me. It seems to be aimed at the self…himself. I know he is in a lot of psychic pain and is looking to find an answer and I am asking the question…putting it out there to ask what can I do to help.
    Just recently I was doing a meditation visulisation calling upon St Germain. I have been doing this meditation for a few years now, The Violet Flame Of Freedom And Forgiveness. As I started out the wording in my head seemed different not as loving and with odd sort of visuals in my mind’s eye. I said straight away…” I did not invite you and now I am asking you to leave”. I continued with the meditation and it all went beautifully. I am used to calling upon the Holy Spirit but did not that time but I believe because I have done with clear intent and that this time I was able to clear whatever was interfering with what is normally a beautiful session with St Germain.
    I thought I would share this with you to say your article was a timely reminder to call on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit continues to work in one’s life. It is such a blessing to begin to awaken as a human being and receive information from you and many other awakened human beings. God Bless You Rebecca.

  7. P Brown on May 2, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Hi Rebecca

    Just want to say thanks for all that you do and may you be blessed a thousand times.

    Love and Light

    P Brown

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