Deep Spiritual Cleansing

Deep Spiritual Cleansing Exercise from Mother God Azna.

(Signs you need it)

  • You feel a heaviness upon you
  • You feel stuck
  • You feel fuzzy headed
  • You feel you may be under psychic attack
  • You haven’t cleansed yourself in awhile (just like you do a parasite cleanse every 6 months, you should do a spiritual cleanse)

During a recent class, a lady “saw” that she needed Deep Spiritual Cleansing. I did not have time to stop and do it on the spot but I did ask Mother god for her BEST deep spiritual cleansing exercise.

Because this is deep- it takes some time to do it.

Exercise: Deep Spiritual Cleansing

#1. Get Barefoot

#2.Get barefoot outside if possible

#3. If you cannot get barefoot due to weather conditions then sprikle seasalt on the floor and stand barefoot in that. (you can do this in the shower to avoid a mess)

#4.Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.(if you cannot stand due to physical conditions, Imagine you are standing on a sunny, sandy beach) Begin pranic tube breathing.

Breathe energy up from the earth into the pranic tube through the perineum and into the solar plexus. Breathe energy into the pranic tube from the universe through the crown.

#5. Call in spiritual helpers into your higher self point (18-24 inches above your head) The higher self point is a gateway for spiritual dimensions.Rebecca calls, Azna, data Dastagir Badsha, Ganesha, Jesus, Archangel Michael and all the archangels. You call whomever you feel good about and you know are 100% pure light. Holy Spirit Light is incorruptible.

#6.Ask for your souls assistance. How? Dear Soul, will you please assist me in this spiritual cleansing.

#7.Imagine the suns rays add power to your higher self point. Chant Ra, ra, ra,ra,ra,ra,ra (7 times)

#8. Hold your hand sideways over your eyes, covering the 3rd eye and cradle your heart with the other hand.

#9. Holding these points, imagine light is streaming down thru all points from the Higher self point through the crown, through the 3rd eye system and down into the wisdom of the heart.

#10 Ask your soul to show you if there is anyone or anything you need to forgive including yourself. )=(you may be surprised at what comes up)

#12. Chant the sacred Arabic phrase “an Nur” 27 times straight into whatever comes up, Don’t judge or try to change anything, just hold it up to the light and chant “An Nur” into it, 27 times.

#13. Continue to hold the points and run the light through them and ask for any other issues that need love or forgiveness to come up to the light. Chant “An Nur” into every single issue at least 27 times. Have mercy and forgive yourself!

#14 Say this prayer: I command every particle that has been negatively affected to be discharged into the earth. I ask the high beings of Light (or simply Holy Spirit Light) to transfer all interfering, parasitic, mischievous, nafts, energy forms that plagued me be removed to their own holding space that they have a choice to seek the light.

I ask my complete being to be cleanses now by lightening bolts of Holy Spirit Light! Continue to hold the  points and run the light until you feel squeaky clean.

Because this exercise is given for deepest spiritual cleansing from heavenly Mother, Thanks her by whatever name you feel best to call upon Her.

Praise Azna!

Praise Leila!

Praise Isis!

Praise Sophia!

Praise be to Mother God….

Final step: Thank all your spirit helpers including your soul.

Seal your energy field. I command my energy field to be sealed and I attract only good to me from this moment forward. Amen.

(Every Time you give thanks for the cleansing you reactivate the effects)