Are you Poisening your finances with this?

I am here in Baton Rouge visiting my daughter. We had a great time Saturday night dancing at the “Cadillac Cafe”. As they say in India… “Mata (Mother) loves us to dance!”

Sunday, I had coffee with 2 wonderful ladies here in Baton Rouge and the topic of Financial Abundance came up. (They gifted me with a beautiful amethyst geode, thanks Mopsey and momma!)
I told the ladies that I have asked Mother god to give me a class on Abundance that will be like “dynamite under the butt”. (Look for that announcement later this week.)

However, here is something that will help you right now and if you take this to heart, I promise that your abundance will improve.

Q.What is the greatest poison for your financial status?

How do you know if you have resentment towards those who have more than you?
You Feel it!
Sure, you try and squash it down because if you have been on a spiritual path at all then you know resentment is killing you. But how do you get rid of it?
A. You can’t without doing some energy work. What you want to do is take that resentment energy…look it square in the face and transfer it into blessing energy,

When you get to the place when you can think of someone, or a group that have more than you and bless them, then your own abundance is right around the corner.

Whatever you put your attention on is going to grow. If you put your attention (without resentment poisoning the pot) on abundance  even if it is someone else’s…then yours will begin to grow, Your attention and blessing act like giant magnets to attract whatever you are focusing on straight to you.

OK, you may see the point here but you still feel resentment,,,you may even feel resentment towards me because I am here spouting off about how it is so easy to get into the flow of prosperity when I already have plenty.

I was once very poor…for a long time. When my son, Andrew was little I walked along the street praying to find enough bottles and cans to turn in to purchase a can of tuna to go with my macaroni and cheese.

I know what I am talking about when it comes to rising out of poverty!
I know what keeps you there and I know how to get out of it.

So, of course, I created an energy exercise to help you transfer all that resentment energy into blessing energy so you too can rise up to the next level of prosperity.

How to guarantee success: When you see even the tiniest bit of improvement, pay attention to it, bless it to the high heavens, Bragg about it and focus on the improvement as if it were a million. Even if you don’t see improvement right away…Imagine what improvement will feel like and focus on that!

How to guarantee failure: Do nothing- stay in resentment…or when you do have some small improvement say, “Oh sure, things have improved a little but that little bit is not enough. Wipe “Not enough” out of your vocabulary!

Ok, but first let’s clear that resentment:

Resentment Clearing exercise:

Hold the Heart Point technique points.
See picture here.
Hold your hand across your eyes while cradling your heart center with your other hand.

Imagine light coming down from your higher self point (24 inches above your head) and flowing down through the crown, down through the pineal gland and caressing all the energy points behind your eyes.
Bring that light down into the deepest wisdom of your heart center.

State- “I feel resentment towards those who have more than I do”
Just hold the points and pay attention to what comes up. Do not judge yourself- the nastier the better- you want to get these feeling out and up to the light.
Have mercy towards yourself.
Now, chant the sacred Arabic phrase “An Nur” (incorruptible light) straight into the feelings- chant An Nur 27 times.
Now, say- “it’s hard for me to bless those that have when I feel desperate”
Chant “An Nur” into that 27 times.
Rest your hands a moment- then put them back into position and say…

“Is there anything else that prevents me from blessing those who have more than I do?”
Pay attention to what comes up and chant “An Nur” into that 27 times.

Folks, you can’t bring in An Nur, incorruptible light without some powerful energy movement going on!

Now, when you feel clear, bless the finances that you now have, think of someone with more than you and bless them (if you still feel some resentment, don’t judge yourself, simply go back and do more clearing.

I love you and want the very best for you!

PS_ later this week look for the big announcement from me that will change the very consciousness of your tribal roots around mo…ney!