Is Charging for Spiritual Gifts OK?


 Should Spiritual Gifts have a price-tag? (Comments requested)


Could be re-phrased… “Should those with spiritual gifts charge for their services?”

If you think about it… All gifts and talents are from our Creator…

and “yes” you had a big hand in choosing which of those gifts and talents you wanted to develop in this lifetime.


My favorite example of this is my accountant.

 His work appears horrible tedious to me and yet… he actually LIKES it!

 He probably does not consider “workin numbers” a gift from God. I imagine he feels he went to college and found something he was naturally ‘good at’ so he created a business and charges high fees for his services.


(I tried doing my own taxes and wound up crying my eyes out in frustration. I just did not have the natural ability to make the numbers “make sense”. )


Now, do I believe my accountant has a spiritual gift with figures?


And does my accountant have one ounce of guilt or unworthiness issues when he presents my bill?

No, absolutely not…

 My accountant  knows he has the talent and education. He feels really good about charging as much as he can…(and he gets his fee with no complaints.)

When you know what your service, talent, gift is worth, so will everyone else.


But what about those with gifts we truly consider spiritual, like being psychic, like having healing hands, like someone who channels…should they charge?


In reality- how is any gift different from another?

Because spiritual healer types did not get training from a university?


Oh, but they did…

The University of Life is one big school none of us can escape attending.

Most of those who developed their “healing, spiritual” gifts have spent a lot on trainings, workshops, books and programs to help them develop more skill in using the gifts.

And just like the accountant has to keep having “continuing education”- the true spiritual healer never stops the quest for knowledge.

Now, just like there may be some unscrupulous accountants there is an occasional unscrupulous spiritual healer (however this is far less likely because the spiritual healer has to remain in-sync with spirit to do a good job)


The real issue here – is that most healers and practitioners do not value what they do enough to receive proper compensation.

This is a shame because the gifted healer can feel unappreciated and lose the spark for their true calling.

If it were up to me, I would do everything I could to help healers become spiritual leaders and learn how to charge appropriately for their services.(That is why I am presenting this article)

It is time to become the spiritual light workers and leaders in this world– perhaps spirit is calling you to leave your day job and become a full-time practitioner of some type?

Learn to value what you do and the gifts you have.

 There is no one who can do exactly what you do, like you do it. you have an audience of clientele that no one can help…but you.

I would like to have your input on this topic.

Remember this is a Public blog and your comments are available (after approval) for all to see.

Be kind please.

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PS_ When you were planning this lifetime you chose the gifts and talents you wanted to develop- some just for fun!

The key to your spiritual gifts is the amount of ‘soul satisfation” you get when you are using them…please honor every gift you have.