From God:
Received June, 1, 2010

So…I was talking to God this morning and this message came
pouring through.
I thought you might find it beneficial so I am passing it along.
Please send this along to everyone else you feel will benefit.
From God:

You can’t “NOT” pray to God…


If you pray to Anything…you are praying to God- for God is
in everything!

Some people spend time worrying about praying to “false idols”.

There are no false Gods!

We are all ONE.
“I Am” is in everything.
If you find comfort praying to a blade of grass…I am there.

There is nowhere that I am not.

When your heart cries out…I am there and I listen, whether you
receive my answer or not.

The answer to your prayer will not come as a “Big Booming Voice from the sky”
(that would scare the daylights out of you).

The answer will come in the simple things all around you.

After all, is that not how the problem arrived?

Through daily life?
It matters not so much “whom you pray to”…but that you pray.

My heart hears your heart- no matter who you are directing your
request too.

(Hint, hint, hint- All Beings of light are in “cahoots”.
We are all one.
We simply have different aspects of service.)

Serve yourself (oh please) and you will serve God.

Serve animals and you will serve God.

Serve plants and you will serve God.

Serve others and you will serve God.

For none is greater and none  is lesser.

You cannot ‘not’ serve God… even in what you consider “selfishness”,
you are serving God.
For I(God) cannot experience life except through you.
You are my  eyes, ears, feelings…

And I do love a wide variety of feelings.
So, you cannot mess this up!
Even the darkness serves God… How can there be so much light without a
little dark for contrast?

What is important is this- you cannot separate yourself from me( God )no
matter what you do.

Yes, you may “feel” separated from me because you have been taught you
must ‘do’ certain things to be ‘worthy’.

Even if you roll around in your puddle of ‘unworthiness’- you still have
the divine spark within and there is naught that can extinguish that spark.
***Note: a note about praying to statues, icons, photographs, etc.

When you pray before a statue or other ‘symbol’ – you are indeed
accessing that being of light.
Beings of light are focused wherever the attention or energy is focused.

This is why there is great power in places like, Lourdes, Mayan ruins,
Peru, ancient temples and other places.
People come to these places with high expectations (faith) and
many prayers.

Of course, there are energy portals over these places.

So much reverence and prayers go out from here that the portals increase
in size and intensity to accommodate the energy flowing down and back up,
laterally and vertically.


Yes when you send prayers and blessings out to another human, it
goes laterally.

We are there when you call- give us your attention and we will
give you ours.
Actually, we are never anywhere else but with you.

Love, God

PS:  Remember, All beings of light are aspects of me…
just like you are.

And from Rebecca…
Thank you for reading, if this feels good to you, pass it along
to others.
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