Be a Seminar Leader

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blood sweat and tears to learn all this!

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(This training can be applied to ANY kind of alternative or even traditional therapy)

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Here are some stories from those who previously took the class…

“WOW, we just finished the “EFT Alternative Workshop Leader Training”
with Rebecca Marina today and to say that it was a terrific 4 weeks
is an understatement.

The content was superb and there were so many “secrets” and helpful hints that
I would never have known if I had not been in the teleclass.

Or at least, I would have learned the hard way.
Rebecca is a skilled teleclass and workshop leader and
a great model for how to lead inspiring sessions.

***** 5 stars and highly recommended!”

In joy,
Dear Rebecca
Did you see my article in Gary’s latest newsletter? I am so overwhelmed and grateful
right now for this happening and all the super responses I am getting.

Remember in the workshop training how you said, how to get famous fast?
Well I did it and got my first sale already!

I have already designed my course when I did your workshop, so I’m ready now.
Thank you Rebecca!

take care and all the best…
Email Heather and get your stress ebook today!

(Remember- This training can be applied to ANY kind of alternative
or even traditional therapy)

The really GREAT thing about this training is that I am teaching it by
online audio, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the training you
need to start making good money.
Before I tell you about the program, can I share what it is like to
be a professional workshop leader?

I share this information because …I want you to see what it is like
and because I want you to know that “you can do it too”.
* A professional workshop leader can pick and choose their private clients
because they are not dependent on them to make a living.

* A professional workshop leader can teach one class a week and make as
much  as they would have seeing private clients back to back.

* A professional workshop leader gets to ‘write-off’ all the books
they buy to educate themselves, as “training materials”.
(My house is FULL of books!  I eat them up.)

* A professional workshop leader is always looking for
inspiration for a new class.

* A professional workshop leader is respected in the community.

* A professional workshop leader gets to travel if they wish.
(My last trip to visit my grandson was tax-deductible because
I scheduled a workshop in the same city)
* A professional workshop leader can develop skills to reach
any type of audience.
(doesn’t have to be EFT)

* A professional Workshop leader can keep their “day-job”
and just teach when they so desire.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Trying to make a good living seeing one on one clients can really drain you.
Groups of people does equal not only healing benefits for all there, but
bigger financial benefits for you.
This audio course is designed for the beginner but has information
that will help even a seasoned workshop leader.

Here are some of the reasons to become a great workshop leader.

A.Because you can reach a whole lot more people with your healing message or techniques.

B.Because you can make a lot more money with less effort.

C.Because you develop a loyal audience.

D.Because you meet the needs of more people.

E.Because it is downright FUN.

F.Because the “group energy” makes healing easier.

G.Because your life will be much easier teaching one or two classes a month
instead of killing yourself trying to reach them one at a time.

H.Because you will gain more experience quicker working with a group.

I.Because word of mouth will spread more quickly of your talents.

Another great story… from Cat Behan

Brilliant Idea and worth the price of the seminar…
Hi Rebecca,

I just sent my first request to a women’s health tips ezine to submit an
article about my work, my new program  AND my teleclasses.

I can’t thank you enough for this workshop class….you are amazingly generous
with your help and suggestions.  I aspire to be as successful as you are.

Your tip about writing an article for EFT is spot on also.  I have already had a
conversation with Gary about just that idea.  I work with autistic and
aspergers syndrome children (currently I work part time as a speech pathologist
until my EFT business supports me, and
yes I am using EFT there too) and he is VERY interested in that clientele.

I am doing what you suggest, and I know the article will generate a lot of interest.
Celebratingly yours,


More reasons to take this course…
Perhaps, you want to share your gifts but you are not even sure what they are.

This training will help bring out your hidden talents.
I have had years of experience and I could write a book about
what to do and what NOT to do.

You will benefit from my experience and my goal is to
help you accomplish in a few months what took me YEARS to accomplish.
I even know which books to recommend to you to help you get even
more information and to give you the edge as far as making
your workshops unique. (This is the ‘best of’ list)
A wise woman once said,
”You can learn to do anything if you have good enough instructions”

Well friends, I am providing you with those very good instructions-

I will hold your hand and show you the way.

What makes my training Unique?

1.You can take this course online so you
can attend no matter where you live in the world.

2. This class is geared this towards those in the
Healing Arts with their unique set of concerns.

3. I will help you develop your personality skills and
present your REAL self.
4. This class will teach you how to use your own
experience to develop a “niche market”
5. You will learn how to develop your own Unique STYLE.
6. You will learn what works and doesn’t work as far as marketing goes.
7. You will learn how to make an effective flyer (what to do and why)
8. You will learn how to “connect” with your audience and
have them love you.

9. You will learn how to develop COURAGE and CONFIDENCE in yourself.

10.  You will learn how to set up the room for different types of workshops.
(Yes, this is more important than you might think.)

11. You will have a checklist to guide you through every workshop.
12. You will learn how to get FREE publicity for your workshop.
13. I will teach you the basics of how to teach a
successful teleclass- how to get a free bridge line, etc.
Upon completion of this training, you will be knowledgable and ready to teach a
successful workshop at the level you feel comfortable.

You will understand the basics of all the “behind the scenes” actions that have
to happen to make a great workshop.

You will know how to make your audience feel comfortable and love you.

You will learn how to earn extra funds from back of the room sales.
(Oh, Very Big deal here)
Can’t you just imagine all the ways YOU can  benefit from this training?

Can you see how much easier your life can be?

You will always be happy that this was the day you decided to improve your life.

I am here and ready and willing to share my valuable experience with you.
I want you to be successful and out there sharing your gifts and
making the world a better place.



“The # 1 thing you can do to be successful”
hint hint- it is motivation to get off you hiney and DO SOMETHING!

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This is really is dirt cheap for all the knowledge you get.
I wish I had an offer like this whEn I was trying to get my business going.

I have paid THOUSANDS to get the training that I have plus…

I had to travel all over the country and that was another HUGE expense.
Here is a testimony of Marie, a course graduate…

I highly recommend Rebecca Marina’s Workshop Leaders Training Program.
You’ll be grateful for the abundance of information and resources she
shares to help you start leading and profiting from successful

And, she personalizes the process and tailors it to help you identify
and maximize your own niche market, as well as helping you to release
any blocks to having success in this endeavor.

She also shares an incredible 4 step process to help people heal and transform
any aspect of their lives, and this same process can be used as the framework
for all of your workshops.

Rebecca has exceeded all of my expectations.  You’ll love
the extensive notes she provides, freeing you to fully participate in each
class, and to succeed in your passion.

-Marie Fowler, MSW

So, what are you waiting for? If you have any skills at all, you can learn to use that
experience and create easy, helpful workshops and teleclasses.

The world is waiting for what you got, honey…

This week only- PUT the word HELP in the Coupon Box,
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