Looking for my Life Partner

Dear Divine Mother Azna,

Will I ever find my lifelong partner and soul mate?

Waiting and Hoping

Dear Waiting and Hoping,

First, let’s talk about your question.
The way it is worded now…you are asking me to be a “fortune teller” which I am not.
Your free will has so much to do with whether or not you find your partner.
A much better question would be, “How can I find my lifelong partner and soul mate?”
I CAN tell you how to do what’s necessary, and you may use your free will to decide whether
or not to take action.

To find your life-long partner and soul mate:
#1. Decide how you want to feel when you already have this partner.
#2. Decide if you have had enough input from past relationships to paint a clear picture of
What you DON’T want (you may have to clear some space after this analysis) Now, paint a clear picture of what you DO want.
#3. Decide what you want to give in this relationship (Sure you want to be loved and honored but what will you offer to them?)
#4. Get in the best, mental, spiritual, emotional and physical shape possible for the lifelong partner you already have- Yourself! [Can I get an “Amen” on that one!]
#5. Start living each moment as if you had already attracted the perfect soul mate. You will be a great point of magnetic attraction and your beloved will come to you quickly. Make sure to be selective, however. Your increased magnetism will attract others to you. Bears are attracted to sweet smelling honey, but you don’t want just any old bear. Don’t compromise what you want.

Warmly and Lovingly,