If you are like me, you’re alwys on the lookout for something good to read.. so I am listing 3 good ones.
#1.This book, “Waiting for Autumn”, reminded me of “The Celestine Prophecy”.
It gives such a good description of how energy can affect us all. I really enjoyed this one. (real short yet captivating)
#2. “Psychic Healing,” by Sylvia Browne. I always get a lot out of Sylvia’s books, She is the one who told me about Mother God, Azna. I think you can get a lot of good out of this one. It sure inspired me!
Get it at www.amazon.com ( I read it thru pretty quick because it was so magnetic)
#3. “Bond With Your Baby Before Birth,” was wrote  to send an uplifting, can-do, positive message to all the gals who dream of having a baby but are put off or discouraged because of all of the negative “facts” they hear from their doctors, the Internet, and through the media.
Bond With Your Baby Before Birth,”features 2 stories written by our own, “Belin”, my assistant.(if you ever had a problem with an order, you probaby talked to Belin)

 If anyone you know is thinking of having a baby, I recommend  this book. It makes the impossible seem possible.
Get it at www.amazon.com ( You will love how this lady writes. You may remember the author, Kim O’Neil, I had her on a call once.)
Listen to that call with Kim here- https://rebeccamarina.com/2008/04/free-psychic-readings/
It was a fun psychic reading call.  Kim got flooded with requests for readings after that call. I don’t know if she is caught up yet.

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