American Idol Allison

Can you believe Allison was in the bottom 3 last tnight?

She is such a great singer!

Of course, they all are. I know she will be a star no matter if she wins or not.

Who did you think was going home last night?

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  1. Linda on May 15, 2009 at 5:26 pm


    I asked who was going home from American Idol using my pendulum. I do this anytime I want to inquire within.ask my Higher Self. I was shown Danny,. He did.

    I love dowsing which is something new I have learned from a workshop by Raymon Grace(he has a site). I have been using the dowsing sysem for not only healing for others but myself as well. I also have used dowsing to rid curses, rid negative entities, guidance on where to buy the right shoes (on sale of course!) right down to using it for feng shui! All we need to know is within. In face, all the knowledge of the Universe is within each one of us. Dowsing is a wonderful way to tap into that inner wisdom. It empowers you. There are some basics to be learned before you would use dowsing which are quick and simple to learn. There are great books on this subject and as I mentioned, Raymon Grace gives workshops on this along with selling dvds on his site.

    I am now teaching others the art of dowsing so they too can be empowered and I am truly enjoying that.

    Love, Linda

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