How to Thrive When the Market Really Stinks!

“For Pete’s sake Rebecca, why don’t you just hypnotize them?”

In the last 4 years, my business has increased by over 900%. Almost 1000%.

Yet, my heart feels concern for those who feel stuck in the financial abyss of despair and uncertainty.

As always when I want the best answers, I went into meditation and prayer asking Azna, Mother God and my guide Sol to give me some guidance on how I could help others to increase their business…no matter what the market.

So, my chief guide Sol said to me…“For Pete’s sake Rebecca, why don’t you just hypnotize them?

I will show you a more powerful way to bypass the conscious mind- that is where the hold up is anyway! I call this deeper by-passing of the conscious mind – TRANSITIONAL TRANCE.

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This more turbo-charged method involves the use of Light, Sound, and the sacred names of God.”

“But Rebecca,” Sol said, “You can’t just jump right into this TRANSITIONAL TRANCE with out clearing some stuff first.

Here are the 4 main mistakes and problems keeping people from thriving in this economy.

Problem #1:
People are suspended, trapped, and yes ALREADY HYPNOTIZED by a mindset that follows the beliefs of their culture, the media propaganda and ancestral bondage.
DE-hypnotize them and help them divorce from any mindset that says they cannot thrive in ANY market.

Problem #2:
People don’t know how to connect their business self and their spiritual self.
Do a sacred marriage of the business self with the spiritual self- get connected! This is a special Sufi heart-healing ceremony. (Sol says that many of you have no idea how to get in touch with your business self- we will do this together.)

Problem #3:
You simply don’t know how to promote yourself or your business- you don’t know how to attract clients.
I will give you 31 brilliant, explosive, targeted, action techniques to raise your income- you may never have heard of before. All are blond-proof and easy to do. (Sol say’s that the TRANSITIONAL TRANCE will help you absorb and carry out these ideas.)

Problem #4:
You don’t know which way to go- not clear on what you are passionate about or how to make money from that.
You will take the “passion test” which is unsurpassed in helping you get clear.

I will show you how the great Bob Proctor uses a focus process to be wildly successful and you can too!

Once you are clear on your passions we will do the deep induction, TRANSITIONAL TRANCE meditation to bypass all the chatter of the conscious mind.



Register here to recieve your audio class instantly! An $87 dollar value…


No more mistakes when you learn:

  • How to get great customers when you don’t have customers
  • How the wrong advertising can actually hurt you and how to do it right
  • The little known thing that sabotages your success like crazy (you are probably doing this without realizing it right now)
  • The one commodity that can’t be outsourced
  • How to get tons of the ONE commodity that cannot be outsourced.

In this class, you will learn how you can become empowered by looking disaster square in the face.

You will learn what kind of action is the only kind of action that will do you any good.

You cannot make really great money unless you are passionate about what you are doing!

So, let me recap what you will learn.

1. You will get divorced from negative mindsets.
2. You will have a holy union between your spiritual self and your business self. (we may have to go a-huntin’ for the business self)
3. You will learn how to get customers when you don’t know how to get customers.
4. You will learn what you are probably doing right now that is sabotaging your success.
5. How the wrong advertising can hurt you and how to do it right.
6. The ONE commodity that can’t be outsourced
7. How to get tons of that ONE commodity
8. At least 31 Unique ways to get new business
9. How to find out what you are really passionate about and use that to make money.
10. How to use the power of TRANSITIONAL TRANCE to cause your passion to leap into reality.

Class is 2 hours followed by 30 mins of TRANSITIONAL TRANCE. 2.5 hrs. total

As always, please tune in to your heart to see if this is the “attunement” you have been yearning for.

Register here to recieve your audio class instantly! An $87 dollar value…