How to Make ANY Money Principle work for you!

“How to Make ANY Wealth principle work like crazy!”

I asked my chief guide, Sol to give me a new prosperity tip to teach that would work for everybody.

Sol said, “Rebecca the wealth principles are as old as time…”

What you need to do is show  them HOW to make the principles work. The biggest problem is that people don’t  know HOW to make the principles work. I will show you how to teach them  HOW TO MAKE ANY WEALTH PRINCIPLE work  like crazy.

This is a 2 hr AUDIO PROGRAM at only $67 dollars.  That is barely $33.10 per hr for the secrets to make any method work for you.

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I will also share how you can start living the rich life right now with what you already have.

When my son Andy was a baby, I was so poor I used to walk along the street looking for  loose change or a coke bottle I  could turn in for a refund.

I KNOW this works and how it can work for you too.
( I also know what does not work)

Do not wait if your heart speaks to you about this class. Purchase this now, listen and participate fully and get ready to maifest one of your goals within one week!


  • Why  wealth Principles you tried did not work
  • Why you keep re-creating the ca-ca you are creating
  • How to make any wealth principle work
  • How to focus in on what you really want
  • How to manifest a dream within ONE WEEK of this class
  • The difference between a real dream and a useless fantasy
  • How to use MY favorite wealth principles that I KNOW FOR SURE WORK like crazy.
  • How to live like a rich person right now.

What makes this CLASS DIFFERENT?

  1. You will learn how to apply my PROVEN 12 Principles.
  2. You will have a worksheet with all the principles on it.
  3. I will ask you to sign a CONTRACT with the universe to commit to at least 3 wealth principles from the list.
  4. I will explain IN DEPTH how each principle works and how I use it.
  5. I will be “your moma” and follow up by email to encourage you.
  6. You will learn from someone who was desperately poor and now I am rich and it was because of these principles.
  7. You will learn what I did DIFFERENTLY to make them work so great for me.

(In only ONE WEEK, you could  manifest part of your dream)

Tailored for Your Needs:  As  a bonus, I am including 3 different 2 hour versions of the class to help you with different issues.  They will be labeled so that you may decide which audio to listen to first that  would suite you best.

That’s ACTUALLY 6 hrs for you to listen at your leisure and find the abundance you’ve always sought after. You may also purchase the audios here.

*Now only 20.10 Using Black Friday coupon code “70” (No quotation marks)

Audio Course Information:

Class Length:Approx. 2 hours (By Powerful audio- that you can download and keep forever)
Price: $67

Audio Class Bonus: Yes. You will receive 3 different audio/MP3 versions of the same 2 hour class.  Take them at your leisure, but make sure to honor the time you spend doing the class. Please do no multi-task.

Just do as you are guided.