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The Return of Unicorn Healing Magic!

Any Amount gets you a ticket to the worlds FIRST Unicorn healing and Attunment Event. Now available by audio.  You will get the audios of BOTH times this was presented. The…

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Elevate Your Life with Mother Azna!

A Big part of this class is the conception, gestation and rebirth from the womb of Divine Mother. Yet first, we must transform your blocks to receiving so that you…

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HypnoSkinny…4 week Audio Course…Now on Groupon

 Groupon! 65%off! Tired of Being treated Like a Second Class citizen just because you’re Over weight? Hypnosis is one of the MOST Advanced Ways to Bypass the Conscious mind… Have…

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Going Nowhere

Dear Mother Azna, Will my life ever turn around?

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Help my Wife reunite our Family

Dear Mother Azna, I ask Mother Azna for helping my wife find her way on her path in a timely fashion back to me so we can reunite our family…

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