“The Pivot Point: From Heavy to Hot ” Teleclass

 Class times:

*Level One Class will be repeated 3 times for your convenience:

(2.5 hrs to cover this in-depth material)

(You only need attend once but 1 ticket gets you entrance to all 3)

Thursday May 9 at 8 PM eastern (New York City time)

Friday May 10 at 12 noon eastern (This is to help those in far off time zones)

Saturday May 11 at 3 PM eastern

(No class on Sunday ’cause it’s Mothers day)

***Please read all THREE Choices Before Deciding which one is for you.

If you have questions, just call me 956-457-5568 (people are shocked that I answer my phone)

There are 3 CHOICE Levels to this teleclass:

#1. Level One: Teleclass and class notes

Fee $77 (one ticket gets you entrance to all 3 times class is repeated)

Yes, I’ll Gladly pay $77  For the teleclass and the notes

#2. Level Two: Teleclass, Class Notes, and 4 week follow up coaching (To CEMENT in your Positive Pivot Point and give group encouragement)

Fee $177  (includes 77 for basic class and only 25 each for four full weeks of coaching)

Yes, I’ll gladly pay 177  for the class and four whole weeks of Follow up Coaching to CEMENT in my Pivot Point!

Coaching class will be every Wednesday evening at 8 PM eastern.

*Need a payment plan for level Two?

2 payments 30 days apart of 94.77 each

(Do NOT use Paypal for the recurring payment plan)

Yes, the payment plan will help me do this!  94.77 now and again in 30 days.

#3. Level Three: Teleclass, Class Notes, 4 weeK follow up coaching and CERTIFICATION

so that YOU can teach a class like this  yourself… or do the process with one on one clients.

Just 277 for Full Certification

Yes! So Worth it! Just 277 for Certification! WOW!

*Need a payment Plan for Level Three?

2 payments of 144.77 30 days apart

(Do NOT use Paypal for the recurring payment plan)

Yes! That will help me do this!  144.77 now and again in 30 days

Q. What do I get in Level 3 that would prepare me to do this process with someone else?

A. You get complete instructions for every process (so easy, you can just read it and be effective)

B. You get a special ‘Instructors preparedness” class. (This will be offered twice at the end of the 4 week coaching sessions)

C. You can consult with me when you have a client or group lined up and I will give you advice on how to be most effective.

Q. How can I do this with someone else if I am still overweight myself?

A. You will explain that you are working on this as well. By the time the 4 week follow up coaching is over, you will have already lost some weight.

More importantly, you will be GLOWING and that is VERY Attractive!

(because I will teach YOU how to GLOW, you can teach others how to GLOW- this alone is worth the price of Certification)

Q. Why on earth are you offering certification for such a LOW FEE? You could get waaay more for such a Hot Topic with this Unique Information that has never been shared before!

A. I am offering Certification because I want the work to get out there. What better way than to teach others to do what I do? Especially, if I make the teaching materials “fall off a log easy”.

Q. Will I get a printed certificate?

A. Because the price for certification is so low, you will receive an ONLINE certificate.  You will print this out on fine paper and frame it yourself.

(Hard copy from my office is available for a fee)

Still have questions?

Call me, Silly Rabbit_ I will be glad to help you see if this is for you…or not.