Herbs for Panic Attacks and General Anxiety

Here are the nutrients I personally use for panic and anxiety.

After I got these natural nutrients saturated in my body, the attacks came less and less and now I never have them.

I also use EFT, of course.

Ultra Calm, 58-9 (for during the day)

Max Relax, 47-23 (for nighttime use)

I love using pure, natural herbal remedies for panic instead of drugs.


Topic:  Nutrients for stress and anxiety

Whenever I have a problem, I do all kinds of research on the best way to solve it, and I do believe that you should approach a problem with nutrition as well as EFT.

So, I’ve found a couple of supplements that nourishes exactly the part of the brain that produces stress and anxiety.  I’ve been trying them out for a couple of months and I’m so pleased with them, I wanted to share it with you.  As a matter of fact, the company named these two products after me.  It’s called…

“Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package”

“Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package” consists of two products:

Ultra Calm, 58-9
During the day, provides steady, blissful nourishment to the part of the brain that causes anxiety – all without drowsiness!  Keep this in your system and your body will be calm even in times of stress.  For excess stress, I take two at once and “bliss-out”.

Recommended dose:  One with each meal and one before bedtime.
(This works great to sweeten up a “grouchy” person.  Dr. Felici recommended this to a former “grouch” in my life and I am shoutin’ hallelujah!)

Ingredients:  A synergistic blend of balanced food source B vitamins and calming herbs in a daytime blend that soothes without drowsiness.

Max Relax, 47-23
Taken at night, safely causes gentle relaxation and deep sound sleep.  The herbs in Max Relax nourish the body and mind at night with no side effects.

The liquid formula goes to work within minutes, promoting a peaceful, drowsy, pleasantly sleepy feeling.

Bye-bye mind chatter and tightly strung muscles.  Because these two formulas are so effective together, once you try “Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress Relief”, you will never want to be without it.

Recommended dosage:  2 to 3 dropperfuls about an hour before bedtime

Ingredients:  Kava kava, passion flower, valerian root, and a small amount of melatonin.  (Lordy, Lordy…this stuff is like a natural, liquid valium.  You feel so pleasantly peaceful and deliciously drowsy…I guess you just have to try it to see what I mean.)

If you have stress and anxiety in your life, I do recommend that you use EFT daily and nourish your brain BOTH day and at night too.

Q.  How do I get some?

A.  Call 1-800-544-0777 and ask for “Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package” and they’ll shoot it out to you.

They have a website at www.newsun.net but calling is better 1- 800-544-0777.

This company, New Sun, is open between 8:00 and 6:00 Eastern time.  After that, you can leave your order on the phone and they will get back to you.

Q.  How long will “Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package” last me?

A.  The Max Relax will last you about two months depending on your use, and the Ultra Calm will last you for a month.

Q.  How much does “Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package” cost?

A.  “Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package” is less than $50, plus $7 shipping and handling.  1-800-544-0777

Q.  Is there anything else you recommend?

A.  Of course.  Do plenty of EFT along with any supplements.  If you like vitamins from organic food sources, you might ask for their “Multiples with Greens”.  They are having a special – order two and get a tube of all natural, antiviral toothpaste for free.

Q.  Why do you trust this company that makes”Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package”?

A.  Because I know the owners personally to be of the highest integrity, and because they use only organic materials whenever possible.

Also, because they make very small batches to ensure you get only the freshest, just-madeproducts.  What really touches me is that the owner blesses every box of product before it leaves the building.

Finally, I trust them because if a customer ever has a problem, I just call them up and they solve it right then.

After you try my fab “Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package”, contact me and let me know how much you LOVE it.  Oh, better yet, give some to the “grouch” in your life and watch how they “sweeten up”.



P.S.:  I am filming more EFT tutorials and am still open to suggestions, so please contact me with them (make sure to put EFT in the subject line).

P.P.S.:  “Rebecca’s Day and Night Stress and Anxiety package” panic relief products both for less than $50.  1-800-544-0777

Yes, I do get a referral fee (and this is good) for discovering these 2 wonderful, calming, soothing products and making it available to you.

Now, of course, I quickly applied EFT each time I felt the panic or anxiety rising up but I also wanted to discover what kind of nutrients would help.

I read a book by a psychiatrist, Dr. Amen, about the certain part of the brain that produces anxiety.  (I made an EFT video of that and also researched products that have the correct nutrients to soothe this area.)

Topic:  EFT for stress and anxiety

It’s important to be very specific when you’re tapping for stress and anxiety.  So, whatever is bothering me is what I tap on.  For instance, a couple weeks ago, I was very concerned about paying the IRS.

One benefit of having more income is that Uncle Sam also wants more income.  (Ha ha!)  My business grew so quickly, I wasn’t completely prepared to deal with the IRS.

I had feelings of insecurity and my inner critic came out like crazy.  “You should’ve known better.  You should have put away more money.  Blah blah blah blah. ”  You know how that inner critic can run us ragged.

So, of course, I tapped on that too.  “Even though I feel insecure about paying the IRS, I know that it will work out just fine.  I’m learning a lot from this experience and it will never happen to me again.  I forgive myself because I wasn’t born knowing everything about business and I appreciate this opportunity to learn.”

I even tapped in the positive choice…that my payment was going to help improve other people lives.  I got grateful for the nice roads we drive on and the wonderful schools my kids attend, etc.

Now, it did take several rounds of this for me to get rid of my apprehensions, but it did work.  Whatever stress you are feeling in your life, I suggest you just put it in plain English and tap on it.