Four-Week Intensive Animal Communication Audio Course…or, Be Known as a “Pet Psychic”
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Recently, I gave a short demo… a no-cost class on “Crystal Clear Animal Communication.” People were amazed at how easy it was for them to ‘tune in’ to their pets.

Anut — a great Egyptian cat Goddess and The guardian of animal souls — has now asked me to teach a very in-depth course for those who are really serious about talking with animals.

Anut, Trusted Guardian of Animal Souls!

Anut says that if we follow her methods we shall be amazed at how quickly you get Very good at animal communication. So good in fact that you could go into business if you wanted to!

Yes, become a pro… be the Animal Talking Expert…or even a Pet Psychic.


You mean I could learn to Connect with animals so well that I could do it as a business?

Yes, that is what Anut says…that you could do something you absolutely love, increase the bond between humans and animals and… get paid for doing it.

Plus… you will be able to easily pick up on your own pets’ needs and wants, and most importantly… The lessons they came to teach you.

From Anut, “Rebecca, what you are essentially teaching people is how to properly read the vibrations and inner dialog of animals. Once learned, this method will be effective with wild animals and pets alike.”

4 Week Course Description:

Each week will build upon the other.

Week 1.

•Opening your psychic reception areas
•Releasing resistance and disbelief
•Learn to talk with rocks and plants

About week one:
It is vital to open your psychic reception areas. Don’t worry that you don’t know how to open these psychic reception areas. I do know how and have helped open these areas for thousands of people. Before this session is over, you will be able to talk to rocks and plants- Goodness… talking with animals will be a breeze after this.

It is vital to release resistance and disbelief. Again don’t worry, even those with deep doubt can be reached! We have this power of communication in our hearts. Let me help you re-discover it!


Week 2: Soul Connect

•Learn how to “soul connect” with any animal you chose.
•You will learn about the soul kingdom of animals and how to communicate soul-to-soul.
•Develop your psychic skills more powerfully for ease of communication

This is an important week. The area of ‘soul connection’ has been overlooked as an ‘instant access point’… Much wisdom can be obtained from tapping into the soul kingdom of animals. With Anut’s help, you will easily do this.


Week 3: Establish your skills

•Learn to get into trance easily and quickly
•Learn remote communication
•Learn to target one animal, even if they are in a group

With your newly-awakened psychic vision, you will discover how easy it is to get in a light trance state for easier connection. You will be able to tune in and ‘separate the voices.’ Most animal communicators need a photograph to use as a connection point. Because you are learning to do this on a soul level, you will not need to have a photo of the animal you are contacting.

This alone will cause you to stand out if you choose to do this as a business.
This way of communicating without the use of pictures will surely cause you to stand out in the healing/light worker’s community.

Your developing gift of clear animal telepathy will be a rare gem indeed!


Week 4:  Putting it all together

•Tune in to emotional and physical needs of animals
•Learn to send healing energy
•Learn to tune in to whole groups of animals (IE, a pod of whales)

This week, we will put together all the skills you have learned and take it even deeper. Each time you come to class you will increase your skills. Everyone has the ability to talk with animals, it is simply a matter of proper instruction and practice.

*Bonus: Tips for becoming a professional animal communicator/ healer/practitioner

**Extra Bonus: I will allow those who want to practice with other animals to post their information on a special page on my site. Name, email and website if you have it.

***Extra Extra Bonus: This class includes the written transcript at no additional cost. You will have it all in writing for easy reference.

Every week you have homework and each audio will begin with a review of the previous assignment.

* (On a personal note, Cronus below is my son’s big puppy. Sweetest dog ever!)

Cronus gets a bath

Who should Take this audio course?

•Anyone who has always wanted to talk with animals.
•Anyone who loves animals and wishes they knew more.
•Anyone who desires to know more about the soul/teacher connection we have with animals.

Is this course guaranteed to make me an expert animal communicator?

While I cannot guarantee your personal outcome, I can promise to give you the expert instructions I am receiving from Anut, guardian of animal souls. Your personal expertise will come from practice. You will be so eager, you may find yourself practicing with lizards, dragon flies, even the horses and cows in your neighbor’s field. Why not?  It will be so much fun…

Within hours of course completion you have the ability to use your new skill as a source of income or just give help to those who come to you.  As you refine your skills and tune into your heart, who knows what great things will come to pass? Imagine the great good you can be to the animal kingdom. Your own pets will appreciate you so much for doing this.

Four week Audio Course. Within minutes of your purchase you can be learning from the comfort of your home.

Cost:  Original price is $377
But YOU don’t have to pay that…IF You take Advantage of this week’s special.

Now at an UNHEARD of special –

In honor of Pet Rescue Week  

you get this $377 course for only $97!

Get it NOW so you don’t forget and miss it!


Yes! I want to talk to Animals!


PS: Why am I lowering the price so much?

A. This course has already blessed many…it’s wonderful,  effective and will show you all you need to know to commune with ALL animals.

B. Some of you have been LONGING for this info and couldn’t afford it!

This class was taught from a very spiritual position and is sure to be moving, exciting and effective for you!

I am very excited to follow instructions from Anut to bring you these very cutting-edge techniques.

Love and Blessings, Rebecca

PS: Maybe you are not interested but you can think of a friend who is. Please pass it along.

PS: Included at no additional fee is:

“The Secret Spiritual Life of Animals”

Which answers questions like:

* Do Animals have a soul?

* Do Animals re-incarnate?

* Do Animals have free-will?

* Do Animals plan how they interact with us?

* Do Animals have past lives with us?

* Do Animals have a soul-purpose?

* Why do animals suffer?

* The Secret of the Whales Sonar…and more.

Now at an UNHEARD of special –

In honor of Pet rRescue Week 

 you get this $377 course for only $97!

Get it NOW so you don’t forget and miss it!


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Yes! I want to talk to Animals!


Me feeding a pup whose mother died in birthing him.

Me feeding a pup whose mother died in birthing him. We named him Tyrion!

Tyrion Today- he is a tiny Chihuahua. With my daughter, Alyssa

Tyrion Today- he is a tiny Chihuahua. With my daughter, Alyssa

Ever seen a grinning dog?

Ever seen a grinning dog?