HPT Grads

This is a listing of those who have taken  Foundational HPT and passed an exam demonstating knowledge.

Please read this WHOLE PAGE Before listing yourself.

This is a good place to find an HPT expert to help you.

There is a special place for all those whom Rebecca has personally certified.

I will try to approve all posts within 48 hours.

Tips to get more business:

  • Be specific- it is far more valuable to have a target market than try to service everyone.
  • Be friendly and approachable (people do not care about the spagetti behind your name)
  • List what you can do for your client if possible.
  • Less is More- the shorter and more specific you keep your posting the better.

(Postings over 4 lines long will not be approved)

How to work this:

#1 Have patience with yourself and think about what you want to write first. I will NOT be able to edit this for you. I can only Approve or Not approve your submission.

#2.Select the catogory you wish to use.

#3. Choose, “Add URL” and fill it in. You must have a website for this to work.

#4. This is an excellent way for you to advertise if you are giving away practice sessions. If you want to get a lot of experience then consider giving away sessions in the specialty you have chosen.

I also kindly ask that you give us a reciprocal link if possible on your website. You can obtain linking instructions below by clicking on the “Link To Us” link.

Remember, I cannot help you list yourself. Please do not ask me. Do not ask me to edit what you have already done. THINK carefully before posting. I suggest you type up your post in Notepad (NOT Microsoft Word) Before posting.

If you have problems then call a friend or computer geek to help you.

I wish you every success!


PS. Think carefully Before you link. I will not be able to edit anything for you. If you mess up totally, then create a new listing.

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