.Surragate Healing with HPT (Heart Point Technique)

I had the very first Heart Point Technique for physical issues last week. Mother God said that if I followed her protocols that everyone would be very pleased.

There were some miraculous healings on that call but this one was the most unusual of all.

I will share a letter I got from a listener with results I never expected.

Hi Rebecca!
    I was on the call tonight for HPT for physical conditions. Right before I called my husband’s lower right leg become swollen and was throbbing. Well low and behold, while listening to Charlon and (can’t remember the other lady’s name), I was chanting and praying right along and my hubby’s leg was healed ! Mother Azna is so amazing ! Thank you for being so bold and unafraid. You will help so many people Rebecca. God Bless You !

One more thing Rebecca, what was so amazing is that he didn’t even know I was doing it. Some of the time I was chanting kinda low (he doesn’t always believe some of things I believe…but it’s ok..Azna still loves him anyway. (wink)But Rebecca I tell ya before that conference call was finished, that leg had gone down and I knew it was Mother Azna working thru us to heal him. Just amazing !

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