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Case Study on HPT for pain

by HPT Master, Pam Rennie

Instant Pain Relief? Seriously!?

HPT Healing in the Bones


For a couple of weeks Sue had been in pain and discomfort in the most unusual way…and location: her tail bone. She had no idea what was going on. About to call the Doctor, she wanted to try an HPT session first.

Sue was so grouchy (pain will do that) in the beginning I wasn’t sure what would happen during the session because her mood was almost difficult to work with.

Things shifted quickly as we began to Run Light and identify the emotions involved to release.

Sue had been through a difficult time in her marriage the past few weeks and guess where the emotions went? Her tail bone.

We released the emotions and did the HPT Healing in the Bones protocol.

At the end of the one hour HPT session, Sue exclaimed, “I can’t believe it, I don’t feel any discomfort at all”. The next day she called me even more thrilled. She had remained completely pain free since the session.

She exclaimed, “HPT not only cleared the stuck emotions and pain, I feel so much happier than I was before the session.”

Case Study by:

Pam Rennie~HPT Master



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From:  Karen Olineck

Headache for 1 year

January 2011

P.J. is a Writer, Mother of three children and a very busy woman.  She had been suffering from a headache for over 1 year when she came to see me.  She had seen Chiropractors, massage therapists and numerous Doctors with some temporary relief but no definitive explanation as to the cause of the headache – other than it was tension related.  She had an MRI performed with the results revealing `nothing`.  Needless, to say P.J. was at her wits end when she came to see me.

P.J.`s headache was accompanied by her head being sore to the touch and ringing in her ears.

My initial assessment was that she was frustrated with not being personally fulfilled and having a purpose in her life.

My guides and helpers instructions to me were `to give her loving support and encouragement` throughout the session.

During the initial HPT round P.J. felt a void with a heavy obstruction that required purple light for healing and her intensity rating was at a 7.  As we chanted An Nur P.J. `saw` flashes of light with pulsating stars and `pure, happy helpers` (her words).  At the end of this round P.J. was able to move her neck more freely, the tenderness on her head had dispersed and her intensity rating had fallen to a 4.

Round 2 – the healing color orange with a white stream and the sound of water (with trees around it) were needed to assist us.  As we were chanting An Nur the pressure released in her ears and her shoulders and she felt Archangel Michael in her crown with a tingling sensation.  I was then guided to have P.J. `cradle` her headache, while she was cradling her headache and sending it loving energy she heard the distinct message `it`s ok – I will take care of you` followed by feeling a deep, loving connection and the image of a flat ribbon where it had previously been all `balled` up.  The intensity rate had dropped to zero (on the original issue) however, the top of her head was now sore with an intensity rating of 3.

Round 3 – white light was need for this round of healing.  As we chanted An Nur she felt her sinus draining.  I was then guided to chant Leila.  At this point P.J. felt a tap on the top of her head with the message `focus on the joy!`  She also felt a rope had tied her up and as I said `Al-Haqq` P.J. reported that the rope was undone `like a slight-of-hand magic trick`.  Her intensity rating was now at a zero and  her headache and sore head were completely gone.

This entire session lasted 20 minutes & P.J.`s parting comment to me was `I am so grateful that I met you!`

P.J. reports that she has been headache free since our session (almost three months ago) and that she is so happy to be writing again, being a Mom and feeling she has a purpose to her life!

Email Karen for info on a session for yourself!  kolineck@gmail.com


The letter below came inn after a HPT Healing call.

Dear Rebecca,

When the call started, my ring finger knuckle nearest the nail was red and swollen, and hot to the touch.  It started last night and had been very painful all day, to the point it was difficult to type or write.  At the start of the call I rated it a 4.  It was down to a 1 and was cool to the touch before we even started the healing protocols.  I’m using my right hand now to type and I’m pain free down to a 0.

I was so touched by the meditation where we were with our Soul, actually moved to tears  What a beautiful being!!  A blue light with soft contours, as if it were draped in an exquisite cloth, kneeled before me.  I was so awestruck I could only tell it that I loved it and needed its help and guidance in my life.  I totally forgot to ask it to do anything.

Did Mother Azna give you any guidance on using this as a surrogate for someone else?  My son is very ill and there is no cure using traditional means.  He is in misery, too sick to do this for himself. I have long suspected that there is a spiritual component to his illness and welcome the chance to do this for him.

Many thanks to you!




Hi Rebecca,
I just wanted to tell you my story with Heart Point Technique.

I have never had what I would consider relevent visual messages until now, it was very exciting to me!

My husband had a serious health issue and was in the Critical Care Unit for 8 days.  When he was released it was my job to help him restore his health and I was worried I didn’t know what to do for him.

When using the HPT, I asked what I could do to help in his healing, I saw a white sheet of paper which I knew was some kind of doctors prescription, it was more rectangular shaped than a traditional prescription and it rolled up a little on the top ( I think to tell me it was one sheet of paper and not on a pad).

I thought the message was that our primary care physician would help him through it. The next day I went to my natural doctor and was discussing my concerns with my husband’s recovery,  She said, “I don’t usually give these out but,”  It was the prescription sheet I had seen the day before in my vision.

The prescription was for a special multi-vitamin/mineral supplement that I had already been taking.  I now feel confident that this is exactly what he needs to help him recover and restore his health.
Thanks, Rebecca

From Dr Kerry Tilton

An interesting thing happened as I was on the Saturday HPT call six days after our visit.  That poison ivy rash had spread so that most of the left side of my face was red and puffy. nose to ear to hairline  and I was concerned —even getting up every hour or so at night to treat it.

With diligence I had kept from blistering,  but it  was still not good and not going away. This had been going on for over a week. During the 2 1/2 hours of the call, my face cleared up completely and all the redness and roughness went away and is still OK,  even though I have some red places elsewhere.

Like magic, by the end of the call my face looked normal. Considering the rash on my face I didn’t even hold the eye points.  I just held my hand up in front of my eyes with intention.

What a blessing for me!!!!

With the poison ivy rash, I could also feel a major disruption in my energy field extending pretty far out all the previous week —so poison ivy affects more than just the skin, at least for me.

That disruption mostly resolved during the HPT call, too. ( I have been doing energy work of one kind or another since 1973 just to let you know I’m not imagining the energy bit.)

Thanks! Dr Kerry Tilton

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