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HPT With Emotional Issues By Jamie Dorn, HPT Master

See Jamie’s complete profile here

Here is a case study by Jamie Dorn…(name of client changed)

This healing session came about due to concerns over not being recognized for an achievement after devoting much time and effort to a project. Jaclyn was very upset because she felt she was not being seen, heard, or validated for her accomplishments.

When Jaclyn assumed the HPT position, she immediately identified a vision of herself at age 3 or 4. This little girl was shy, quiet, and feeling teased. The energy was oppressing her so that she could not be a carefree little girl, happily skipping and dancing through her day.

We chanted Anur and ran holy light to Jaclyn’s little-girl self. As we did, Archangel Metatron appeared and picked her up. He twirled her around joyfully. They laughed, skipped, and danced together. Jaclyn’s tears turned to a blissful smile as Metatron told her that her time of being unseen and unheard was over and that it was time for her true self to shine brightly like a light. Metatron reassured Jaclyn that it was time to be her authentic self.

Getting Through Fears

Jaclyn felt much better for a moment, but then a sudden feeling of fear and darkness came to her regarding her own daughter. Jaclyn was worried about her daughter’s health and knew that she had devoted much time to her own project rather than focusing on helping her daughter. Jaclyn had doubts as to whether she was doing the right thing. Even though Jaclyn knew she was on the right path with her project, she still felt very intense fear and was torn between her role as mother and her role as self. Jaclyn was reminded of the precept that we must love ourselves more than we love anyone else. Then we chanted in more holy light of Anur.

After that, we conducted deep cellular healing with the chanting of Ka, El, Leem, Om, Anur, and then repeating while visualizing our cells singing the energies back to us. After completing the deep cellular healing, Jaclyn felt a total transformation. Her fear was completely released and she knew her concerns regarding her project would be completely resolved.


Karen Olineck, HPT Master shares a case-study where she works with Spiritual Sabotage with her client…Finding Comfort in Food

Go here to See  Karen’s complete Profile here     (Name of client changed)

Lexi is a healer. She has recently started to explore just what that means for her this lifetime. This angel has gifts and talents that, like many of us, were not nurtured (or even acknowledged) as she grew up. She has spent her entire life running away from problems and self-nurturing herself with food.

Baking for Love

Lexi can remember that even at an early age eating brought warmth, comfort and love. She even taught herself to bake at the age of 7, just to ensure she had the self-nurturing she needed.

As the session began Lexi felt an 8 intensity in her heart center. This intensity held the feelings of her avoiding stepping into her power but knowing that it was time to trust her power at a much deeper level. The energy needed to heal this was “trust it was time to stand in her own power” and “running – with a dangling brownie” (which was one of her specialty items to make a child). As we gathered the guides and angels the energy grew very quickly as we ran the white light through the HPT points the energy kept building and more helper angels kept coming in to assist in this healing. At the end of this initial round the pain had shifted to her thumb webbing area which felt like a tight tendon but with more of a muscular feel to it and the intensity was at an 8. (She had also done some healing work the night before on her husband which she felt might have also been a little stuck there). As we ran the light the thumb quickly was reduced to a zero intensity. She was also given a green shield from Metatron to protect herself while she does her healing work. Lexi made the comments “I feel so nurtured and loved”, “I no longer feel overwhelmed”, “I have learned these tools already”, and “I am protected”. What amazing insights for her!

We then did a second round on her heart to reduce the remaining intensity to zero. This time she was sent divine messages from Mother Azna to “eat whatever you want – bless the food as you eat it – savour the food”.


HPT for Emotional pain cause by Divorce trauma…Relationship Issues…Where the “Gatekeeper” technique was first created & introduced.

Belin Jenkins, HPT Master, offered a case-study (name of client change) for your benefit.  Go here to see Belin’s profile

The Issue:

After going through a turbulent, roller-coaster of a divorce, my client was still faced with more drama from his ex. When we spoke over the phone for our session, it was clear that the issues they were having were bringing up a lot of pain for him, but mainly it was a feeling of hatred that was ruling his emotions.

After talking it out for a little while and being heard and validated in his right to have any feelings he wanted, we began working on the feelings of hate and shifting the energies. He came to realize that he had a feeling of humiliation that was lodged in his heart, giving him real physical pain.

When I asked about the details of this feeling, he described it as a brownish, goey, licorice-smelling material that was lodged in the left heart area.

Meeting the Gate Keeper:

I was guided to ask my client who was “guarding” this area, keeping it from being healed. He recognized that it was his ex-wife. Before moving forward, we petitioned the light and healing of the strongest angels that would best know how to deal with her interfering energies, keeping my client stuck. We also asked for help from Jesus, Heavenly Mother and Heavenly Father. NOTE: The client was not able or willing to send light to his ex. So, we asked the Divine for help instead. We left that work for a higher power, that was not bound with the Earthly emotions.

After sending light and visualizations, we could see that the ex’s interferece was not an issue. We worked on sending light to disapate the brown spot…giving it back to the light…turning it into healing honey…letting it heal the tissues surrounding it.

After it All:

My client felt MUCH better after the session and felt a major physical shift as well. The physical pain in the heart was gone. He could focus more on the present and also the many blessings that God had placed in his life. He felt ready to move on and had a huge break-through concerning a legal issue. There was a decision that could not be made previously and now the answer was clear. 🙂


Heart Point Technique Healing for Anxiety about College

Practioner: Pam Rennie, HPT Master                  Go here to see Pam’s Profile

Client: 18 year old Debby( name changed)

Issue: Trauma and Stress

September 2010

Debbie felt she should be excited about going away to college, but instead she was filled with anxiety and dread. She didn’t eat the first 3 days there and couldn’t stop crying. Her stomach hurt all the time and all she could think about was dropping out and going home.

After 2 weeks and no let up, I contacted her to see if she would like to try an HPT session. She was desperate for help and said, yes.

We set the intention of the session to clear the emotional trauma so Debby could make a clear decision about staying in school or not.

Level of Anxiety: 10

Clearing dread, fear and anxiety down to a 7 we found the core issue. Debby feared something could happen to a family member while she was away from home. Using HPT we traced this feeling back to the very first time she experienced this emotion.

HPT cleared Debby’s dread, anxiety and fear down to a 1 in one session! She tapped in an empowering statement and left with guidance to help her remember to stay empowered in her new statement.

The full success story: Not only did HPT heal the emotional trauma for Debby, she stayed at college finishing the semester with very good grades (and without all the anxiety too!). She decided to enroll in the local community college for the next semester; with a different major-a decision made with clarity not out of fear!

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