HPT Gatekeeper Technique Training

Feb 24,25,26- Oxnard Ca and Worldwide via Simulcast! Take it online, the easy way!

New! easy pay plan and you can get trained while in your pajamas!

…For those seeking True Deliverance leading to Exhilarating freedom!


I was just talking to my friend, Dr Patti Felici about the upcoming HPT Gatekeeper seminar and she said…

“Rebecca, I don’t know why but I feel something dynamic and powerful is going to happen at that seminar. Something precious and spectacular for every single person who attends. Something unlike anything we have experienced to date”


Well, because Dr Patti is a laser precision, on target, master Sufi healer with great insight, I paid close attention to what she said.


I decided to go into meditation with Mother Azna about what more She will give…

I already know that the HPT gatekeeper seminar will give fabulous freedom, simply by applying the technique alone. (The HPT Gatekeeper technique is simply the most ‘results yeilding’ healing I have ever used)


I already know that the participants who come live will have


• beautiful fellowship


• deep inner healing


• dancing in the spirit


• A fellowship party at my home


and a personal message and blessing from Azna upon their 2012


…and, I already know that we will use the gatekeeper technique to blast free those things that seemed unmovable including:


• past life -money, health , relationship issues


• present life- money , health , relationship issues


• future life -money , health , relationship issues


…and, I already know that I have been instructed to actually change the recording of these issues in the Book of Akashic records.


PLUS*** you will know how to apply these HPT techniques to help others! (Master Belin Jenkins will share how she gets clients excited and asking for more sessions)


But what if something even more wonderful than I imagined… is going to happen?


I believe Mother Azna is going to touch the very secret place of your heart and pour out tenderness that will change and enlighten you forever.


Divine Mother says that many Light workers are needed at this time. Many of us have been going through:


• anxiety over finances (if I am in Divine will, why don’t I have the financial rewards?)


• feelings of loss, separation, abandonment (sometimes the heavens feel like lead)


• having doubts about our spirituality and abilities (why can’t I heal myself? why do I need help?)


This is a time of great shifting for everybody. With the shifting can come chaos and confusion.


Maybe you feel you are being called to a new and different path but you cannot see what that is much less figure out how to get there.


 I believe that Divine Mother Azna wants to eliminate your self-doubts in a mighty swoosh of power…and replace it with deep peace and towering confidence. So that you can take giant steps forward with determination and purpose!

It is time for us Light workers to put on the amour of Divine protection and go forth as mighty representatives of The Light… Can I get an ‘amen’?

I realize this HPT Gatekeeper seminar may not be for everybody…but you know if your heartstrings are being pulled right now. Go within and see if your heart wants you here.


Are you ready to stoke your inner fire?


To be the powerhouse you want to be?


If you cannot come to California, attend by live streaming web TV- from anywhere in the world.


HPT Gatekeeper Technique Feb 24,25,26 Oxnard California and Worldwide via live Web TV.

(There is still time to get a good price on the flight and the hotel is very reasonable)


There are two ways to attend: Feb 24,25,26

• Live in person in Oxnard Ca. (Only 20 spaces for this)

• Live in cyberspace– we come to you by simulcast

(class times are 9:30 to 5:30 pacific daily)

Early bird price for Live in Oxnard: $497  Deadline extended! Plus, you can bring a friend!

• $497 http://rebeccamarina.com/go/37

Need an easy pay plan?

2 @ $280 each for live in person



Price for Simulcast is $297

• $297 http://rebeccamarina.com/go/38

• Need an easy pay plan? 2 @ 160 each  http://rebeccamarina.com/go/39




Below is more information on the HPT Gatekeeper technique:




Q. What is a Gatekeeper?


A. A gatekeeper is an energy form, person, spirit, group or emotion that ‘that ‘stands like a guard dog in front of your issue’- like an immovable force…a Gatekeeper.’


Q. How would I know if I have a gatekeeper around my finances?

A. Are you in a bad position financially ? Stuck? Are things worse? If your Blockage just won’t budge…chances are you have a Gatekeeper!


Q. How was the HPT Gatekeeper technique discovered?


A. My daughter Belin was working with me on an issue with HPT. (yes, I use others to help with healing too) The issues just Would not Budge– Belin got the intuitive hit to ask…”is there an Gatekeeper in the way? Someone or something that is blocking the energy flow?”


The minute Belin asked that question, I saw the whole thing so clearly. Belin then helped me clear the gatekeeper and the issue crumbled away like dust!

Bottom line: If you just can’t move past an issue… you just gotta leanr this HPT Gatekeeper technique!


Here is what happened to make the already powerful “HPT Gatekeeper Technique” simply unbeatable…



“Fritz…wake up” I practically shouted in his ear as I nudged his shoulder. Fritz was trying to catch a nap on the plane after a two week journey with “Divine Mother Blessings on the road”.( I swear that man can sleep through anything!)

“You just gotta hear this newest revelation from Divine Mother”

“Ok, already, I’m awake” Fritz groggily responded… peering at me thru heavy lids and bleary eyes.

(When I get bomb-shell revelation such as this…I just have to TELL someone about it- I get so excited, I just can’t keep it to myself)



“Know how I have been asking for guidance for the next HPT seminar on the gatekeeper technique? Azna just showed me something that will make this gatekeeper technique the most potent Healing technique ever presented!”

Now, I had Fritz’s full attention… “Go on, ” he said.

I continued- “Ever wonder why there seems to be a “missing ingredient” in so many healings? People get free then they seem to slip back into the same or similar condition? Well, Azna told me why this happens and more importantly, She told me how to apply a new technique that will make healings ‘stick’ when applied with vigor.

Azna calls this the “tenderness technique”.

“Are you paying attention Fritz?” I asked. (I wanted to make sure the importance of this revelation was getting accross) “I was shown exactly how to apply this newest ‘tenderness technique’ along with the already powerful HPT Gatekeeper Technique. This combination will take HPT to the stratosphere !”

“That’s wonderful, honey” Fritz said…”I know you will figure out the very best way to use it” (Then, of course, he got right back to napping)


• It’s a fact that almost any healing technique will work on many issues in the moment.

• It’s also a fact that some people go back to the same issue later…Why does this happen? (now, I know why and how to solve it)

It is my concrete belief that in applying “the Tenderness Technique” along with the already proven HPT Gatekeeper Technique…healing on many levels will occur and the healing will “Stick like Crazy Glue!”


Ever try a healing method and then the same issue comes up again for you?

This can lead to feelings of:

• Failure- what on earth am I doing wrong?

• Sadness- well, not having success makes one feel sad.

• Hopelessness (Am I ever gonna get out of this mess?)

• Not good enough- something must be wrong with me

• …and just plain crappy!


It was thrilling to be given step-by-step instructions on how to bring this new ‘tenderness technique’ into HPT. It was so easy and effortless to allow Divine Mother to pour out her heart to me. You know…The Divine really does want to give us all good things!

What thrilled me most was imagining all the ways this technique could be used for good. I can just see folks getting trained in HPT gatekeeper technique , fully embracing it for self… and then taking it to others- Blessings for all!

Because I’m a practical gal, I asked for guidance on the Absolute Best Way to apply this Tenderness Technique with  HPT.

Mother responds…

The Quest for Survival and sustenance is really at the heart of it all..the root of all issues.

This must be addressed first. If one has great fear about basics like survival and sustenance, you cannot love with your whole heart, you cannot thrive…you are too scared!





With the addition of this primal knowledge, you will finally understand:

• Why you sometimes feel so scared inside about your finances, relationships and health

• Why you sometimes have panic when triggered by certain thoughts

• Why you are not thriving as you know you should be (heck, all the how-to books SAY you’re are supposed to be thriving instead of surviving- right?)

Our Mission is to grow past the ‘quest for survival and sustenance’…but when those panic feelings have you by the throat you simply don’t know how to move forward.


Most of us came in with a definite mission to Triumph over our intense Quest for Survival in one of 3 major areas:

• Money

• Relationships

• Health

A few very brave souls (maybe you?) came in with two Survival Quests… or even all three!

So…how do you know which ‘Quest for survival’ mode you came here intending to Triump over?


You judge by the only true way to judge…by your emotions.


Take these 3 simple quizzes and see how your emotions ‘stir up’ as you answer.

You will need pencil and paper. Rate each feeling response on a scale of 1 thru 10.

None of these question are meant to bring up judgment- they simply give you a glimpse of where you are.


Money Quiz:

• Think about ‘not having any money’…do you feel panicked, scared, alone? Scale of 1-10- how intense is this? (A person who felt calm about money would know they would simply manifest some more if they were temporarily out)

• Looking back over your life- how has the money-flow been? Have you gotten it- then lost it? What emotion does that bring up? Scale of 1-10- how intense is this?

• Have you gotten sufficient money or even an abundance and still felt uneasy? Scale of 1-10- how intense is this unease?

Tally up your score- the higher it is, the more likely you came in to ‘move past your money survival’ issue.


Goals of Moving past your Money Survival Quest:

Primary goal- To Release the Unwanted gatekeeper or alter your soul  contract-vanquish all that keeps you forever floundering in this area.

Joyful goal– To Feel safe and secure no matter where you are on the money line.

Ultimate goal- To be amazed at the ways your money-life turns around for the better!



Health/Body Image/Emotional State Quiz:

(Give yourself a rating of 1-10 on how you feel each issue applies to you)


• Poor health/over wt/under wt

• Emotional conditions/depression/suicidal patterns/anxiety/phobias

• Destructive habits such as Alcoholism/Drug Abuse/Sexual Addictions



Tally up your score- the higher it is, the more likely you came in to ‘move past your health/addictions/emotional survival’ issue.

Goals of Moving past your health/addictions/emotional Survival Quest:

• Primary goal: To Release the Unwanted gatekeeper or alter your soul  contract-vanquish all that keeps you forever floundering in this area.

• Joyful goal: To feel safe and secure and the master of your weight/health/ emotions and habits.

• Ultimate goal: To become free of those chains that bound you and to create abundant Health to enjoy life with boundless energy!



Relationship Quiz:

(This can apply to far more than romantic situations.)

• Do you notice a recurring pattern in your romantic relationships? If so, how does that make you feel? Give yourself an intensity rating on a scale of 1 to 10.

• Do you have trouble saying ‘no’ to the needs of others? If so, how does that make you feel? Give yourself an intensity rating on a scale of 1 to 10.

• Are you satisfied with your relationship with your, mother/father? Family members? Romantic interests? If you could lump them all together, what emotions come up around those feelings? How strong are the negative emotions? Give yourself an intensity rating on a scale of 1 to 10.


Tally up your score- the higher it is, the more likely you came in to ‘move past your relationship survival’ issues.








Goals of Moving past your health/addictions/emotional Survival Quest:

• Primary Goal- To Release the Unwanted gatekeeper or alter your soul  contract-vanquish all that keeps you forever floundering in this area.

• Joyful Goal- To forgive the past, heal the wounds for good this time

• Ultimate Goal- To Attract Healthy relationships of all types- to be joyfully in love with yourself and life. This causes you to become a magnet of love to people. More people will love you automatically.


So…how did you do on your quizzes?


If you decide to take this seminar (live or by simulcast) you will be delighted to know this…

We will be clearing All these Survival Quests for:

• past lives

• present lives

• future lives

( Did you know that the work you do helps countless folks on the other side?)

May I tell you just one more story before I tell you how you can attend Gatekeeper on Steroids?

Have you ever wondered why you feel compelled to do certain things?

Well, I do…Why am I always searching for more and more guidance from Spirit that will bring more freedom to those I serve? What drives me so that I sometimes lay awake at night praying for guidance for you? When I get desperate letters it turns me inside out! I feel deeply for those in pain..I feel helpless sometimes because I know even with all the free stuff I give away- I cannot help everyone.

I got the answer to my question thusly…

Just recently, in my morning meditation I was taken high above the earth. My teacher was with me. There appeared in space next to us a lectern with an open book on it…my book of Akashic record. There were several dates noted there.

Ingrrid explained, “Rebecca, when you are on this side, you are often in the hall of records. You are deeply committed to reading these records. The injustices you read about here spur you to action.

You actually plan most of your lifetimes based on what you read here, to bring people to freedom. When this freedom happens- the records are changed…revisions are made. Sometimes you come forth and fight for a cause, physically. This time you came forth to teach others how to find freedom for themselves.”

Ingrrid continues…in this this work, we want you to ‘seal in’ each day’s healing by bringing in each participants Book of Akashic record.

The prophet Isaiah has asked to be of assistance in this “revision”of each participants Akashic records. This will reach forward in time, backwards in time and even sideways in time.

Let each person considering attending this event go now to the heart and ask…

“Am I ready to embrace this teaching straight from the heart of Divine Mother?”



Each day of this seminar will be intense- are you ready for this level of change?

There are two ways to attend: Feb 24,25,26

• Live in person in Oxnard Ca. (Only 20 spaces for this)

• Live in cyberspace– we come to you by simulcast

(class times are 9:30 to 5:30 pacific daily)

Early bird price for Live in Oxnard: $497 (til Feb 7) Then it is 597

• $497 http://rebeccamarina.com/go/37

Need an easy pay plan? 2 @ $280 each  http://rebeccamarina.com/go/40


Price for Simulcast is $297

• $297 http://rebeccamarina.com/go/38

• Need an easy pay plan? 2 @ 180 each  http://rebeccamarina.com/go/39


Attend Live? or Simulcast?

Explore your options:

ADVANTAGES of Attending  in Person


  • Hugs!
  • New Friendships ( you will meet like-minded people and form lasting friendships, many haveformed life-long friends ships at my seminars.)
  • Fellowship with Rebecca, Fritz, Belin, (Creator of the Gatekeeper technique) Dr Felici, and all the HPT masters. Get your questions answered in real-time!
  • Learning all aspects of “Gatekeeper Technique on Steroids”!
  • Hands on practicing of all techniques
  • Anointing ceremony-each attendee will receive a special anointing at the end of theseminar. To be in the energy of Divine Mother anointing is very special!
  • Have your picture taken with Rebecca and use for promotional purposes if you wish
  • Party with Rebecca and Fritz- on Sunday, you are invited to our house… we will be serving hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and serving up a really good time of dancing! (Help Fritz blow out the candles on his birthday cake.
  • Low cost hotel ($109 per night with full kitchen and suite)
  • You can watch the replay for three months- at no extra charge
  • Hardcopy detailed manual
  • Certificate of Attendance- Hardcopy ( by attneding you will be qualified totake “Proof of Proficiency Exam” for an official type ofcertification)

Early Bird price of Live seminar is only 497.00 (till Feb7) After that it is 597.


Easy pay plan: 2 @  280 each http://rebeccamarina.com/go/40

ADVANTAGES of Attending Via Simulcast


  • No travel costs
  • New Friends- you will make friends online as you attend. There is a wonderful sense of togetherness (plus, you can talk to one another
  • learning all aspects of ‘The Gatekeeper technique on Steroids’


  • Watch from the comfort
    of your home (in your pajamas if you wish)


  • Lower costs of seminar


  • You can ask questions via the simulcast chat
  • If time zones prohibit attending during simulcast hours- you can catch up later that day and send in your questions by email


  • If you can watch a youtube video- then your computer should be able to watch this- if you still have dial-up…simulcast would not be a good option for you


  • You can watch the  replay for three months at no extra charge


  • Downloadable detailed PDF manual


  • Certificate of
    Attendance- Downloadable ( by attneding, you will be qualified to
    take “Proof of Proficiency Exam” for an official type of

Price of Simulcast only $297


Need an easy pay plan?

2 @ 180 eachhttp://rebeccamarina.com/go/39


PS: You can email or call if you have more questions:

rebecca@rebeccamarina.com  cell: 956-457-5568











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