On special Just for you… An audio Course that has it all!

  • The Original ‘End Money Worries’ techniques
  • Soul Mastery- get your ENTIRE Soul Cluster to help you!
  • Karmic Blessing (Purva Punya)(Activate past life blessings)

…  Like getting  THREE of my BEST classes in ONE, AND its on SALE!

Audio Class presentation.

 Here’s what happened…

During my annual  Indian Hand Print reading, the reader said, “Wow, you have “purva punya”, I rarely see that.

She explained that “purva punya” is a blessing from previous past lives that you bring forward into this lifetime,

it’s showing up in your palm print, a distinct line karmic Blessings, good fortune!


Yes, I know it looks a little bit like a butt!


Like past life credit.


We all know folks who are successful no matter what. Everything they touch just turns to gold…even when it seems like they should not be successful, they just are!

Could they be cashing in on their past life “purva punya”?


This triggered some intense thoughts “Why cannot everyone have “purva punya” after all the ratio of good to evil is about 70/30.’ We did more good than evil in most past lives, so why can’t we all take advantage of “purva punya”.

The truth is…YOU Can claim Your inheritance.

You just didn’t know about it! You Didn’t know HOW…Now you do now about it! All you just need is proper instructions on how to collect.

You know one problem?

We spend more time exploring past lives looking for ‘stuff to fix’ than looking at how wonderful we were.

certificate of past life karma

Ever notice that a lot of really wealthy people are not that spiritual? They would probably not even think of looking into past lives and yet… there they are reaping the benefits of possible “purva punya”.

Spirit has given me the exact exercise to activate The Power of Karmic Blessing and bring it into this lifetime.

Far too long we have focused on our negative karma, It’s time now to reap the rewards of our powerful karmic inheritance.



When Holy Spirit asked me to teach this class, I was given the word ‘activation’. I truly was not sure what kind of activation, but now I know. I have been given the authority, to activate “purva punya” for you.



This Audio Course is just as powerful as if I were standing right in front of you!

Yes, we are going to Activate your own “purva punya” right in this audio, but activation is not enough.

I was given a quick daily ritual that will keep your own Purva Punya (Karmic Blessing)activated as long as you are willing to do it! And guess what? The daily ritual that keeps your “purva punya” activated will take you a total of 60 seconds. (You can take longer if you wish, but 60 seconds will do the trick for you)


Listen, this is the only time a sense of entitlement is a really good thing. Cash in on your past life goodness and ASK for the blessings to be transferred into this lifetime. It’s never too late to collect your inheritance.


• It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to identify your past good deeds- I know how to show you

• It doesn’t matter if you still feel unworthy (garsh, are we still beating that drum?)

• What does matter is that you show up fully and are willing to trust these instructions from Spirit.


I taught this 3 times and you will have access to all 3 Audios! Each one has different issues…one just prefect for you!


The price of this 3-hour healing is $77.

But NOW on SPECIAL!!!.

*Now “less than  half-price” at only $33! 



Let me recap what you get in this class:

All the clearing from the original End Money-Worries class

Intro to Soul Mastery where you bring your whole soul group into service for you

Uncover a force bigger than your blocks. Why do the fighting yourself when you can call in this magnificent alliance to push aside your gatekeeper?

Activation of your own “purva punya”

A plan of action so that you can stop feeling helpless and have control over your life (is there anything worse that feeling helpless and overwhelmed?)


Now…more information on The “Soul Mastery” part of this class!

Now even more powerful

with the addition of ‘Activation.’

What’s bigger than your blocks? What’s bigger than
your gatekeeper? What’s big enough to get you motivated?
What has the power to finally clear that stuck, helpless, scared feeling?

This is exactly what you will discover and Activate in
this class so that you can

STOP feeling helpless and
have a plan-of-action to follow!

If I could put my finger on the ONE moment that changed
my money flow for good… it would be when I was given the
processes for the core workshop… End Money Worries
For Good!

(Before this process, I couldn’t buy you a cup of coffee
without borrowing the money from somewhere else…)

Yes! Only $33!
Yes! Only $33!

Not only did MY money flow shift from an
ever-sucking vortex to a free-flowing
stream… my whole family’s money-flow

When I did these processes, I could actually FEEL my money-resonance
“shifting gears”… like a tangible substance I could touch.

My own abundance started to flow… and I was shocked to hear such good
reports from family members:

* My sister’s husband got a big promotion
(more income which allowed her to have another baby)

* One brother’s business took off like crazy.

* Another brother got a HUGE increase in pay…

One of the reasons the End Money Worries
process works so good… is that it heals a
lot of family lineage, past life and ancestral
curses and insults that cause poverty

I was shocked at some of the processes Divine Mother asked me
to do… but I did them anyway.

(After all, Mother has never let me down… I trust her.)

The parts of End Money Worries that seem most outrageous are now my
favorite processes that I love to guide people through.

*Alert  Alert  Alert…

Why is NOW the most powerful time
for you to take – End Money
Worries for Good, Soul Mastery and Karmic BLessings combined?

Mother says… ONLY NOW are we ready for
the next phase of Evolutionary Money healing.

Soul mastery!
…and now with the addition of the ‘Activation’ process from
our Holy Spirit Team, this new revelation is going to
Powerfully Affect the Abundance of your whole “Soul group.”

You did not come here alone...

No, you came as a soul group!

This group planned to evolve together.

Yes! Only $33!
Yes! Only $33!


Mother has given us a technique that
will accomplish “soul group” healing
on a level that has NEVER been so clear
and easy to do!

The past few days… Mother has been feeding me little dribbles
of this information. Just now, when she gave the “whole pie”
and I ‘got it’… I could actually hear Angels, saints and
Deities clapping in joy!

Divine Mother Azna

This revelation will not only shift your
‘resonance’ with money… it will be a
HUGE step in healing ancestral,
present day, past life ‘soul wounds.’

Why is it vital that you change your Resonance to all Abundance?

Did you know that you can only attract that which you have the
same resonance to? Look at your life – what is there?

That is what you have the same resonance to… like it or not…

Mother has guided me to special
information that will super-charge
your ability to change your resonance!

NOT ONLY will it shift your money-resonance… if done properly
(it’s my job to assure you successfully get this) it will shift
the money-resonance of every soul who has a direct connection
with you (past and present, if they are willing).

End Money Worries for Good/Soul mastery uncovers and changes
the resonance of the lies we learned in:

* The womb/childhood
* Present
* Ancestral/past life


Yes! Only $33!


Yes! Only $33!



Mother has given me the secret to “why
we haven’t been able to move into
money-resonance’ until now.

Once you hear this mystery revealed… you will understand immediately…

Like a giant cosmic light bulb turning on in your head… whew.

Not only will this process help you to come into Money-resonance…
it will further your spirits evolution.

Did you know you are going against the true rhythm of life when you
are not living abundantly?

Do you really think you planned to come here and freaking suffer?


I believe that if even this little bit of information is already
resonating with you – that you are ready to shift your money-resonance
in a big way.

Are you?


This audio course is 3 hours long – there is NO WAY to do this much shifting
in a shorter period of time.


At less-than- half it’s way easier!


Yes! Only $33!
Yes! Only $33!


Not everyone is ready this red-hot minute for the
information and healing and Activation I Deliver in this audio program.
Your heart knows if this is for you and if you are ready.
Follow your heart.

Love and Blessings,


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