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Ready for a Quantum Leap?

If you want to be one of the FIVE_ read the info at the Bottom of this page.

White Tara, Goddess of Compassion

Enjoy the Transmission of peace by Audio!

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The Goddess White Tara has asked me to do a transmission of ‘peace energy’ for you and others you want to invite. ENJOY the audio now!

There is no charge for this and it will only last about 30 minutes.

Here is what White Tara says in a nutshell:

From a state of peace you can create all that you desire.

While you are in scattered, resentful, blaming, hopeless, off-center energy, you only create more chaos.

(From Rebecca: Are you sick of being stuck in chaos, hopelessness, resentment and spinning your wheels endlessly?)

I come to bring you that state of peace through a gentle energy transmission of pure peace and healing.

Love, White Tara 

From Rebecca, this came at a much needed time for me personally. I just moved across the country and found myself feeling quite topsy, turvy …being in a different place and not having my circle of friends around me.

When White Tara came through and asked me to do this peace transmission, I was feeling a bit like a fraud. (who me? transmit peace right now when I’m feeling so overwhelmed myself?)

White Tara asked me to kneel before my altar. She proceeded to flood me with a peace so great it brought tears to my eyes!  All the anxiety and overwhelm I was feeling simply melted away and my mind was as clear as a bell.

 Folks, this is real, beautiful, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Enjoy it by audio now:



White Tara is asking for 5 vessels who will serve her in transmitting peace.

here are the requirements:

White Tara is asking for 5 people to hold space for Her. To be an instrument of her peace.

(She will take more but She is asking for 5 from my group)

To be one of the 5:

*  First meditate with her for awhile to be sure you want to commit.

*  Tara is asking for a commitment of 5 minutes a day for at least 5 out of 7. (Tara likes the number five)

*  All you have to do is sit with her energy for five minutes a day. She will examine your gifts and guide you in the best ways to help be a channel of her peace.

* White Tara wants a one year committment please

That’s it- don’t make this complicated. Tara says the very best way to help is to sit and be ‘in the stillness’ for 5 minutes a day. Some of you will hold so much peace that you will be a portable peace person as you walk down the street. your smile alone will bring peace.

Tara appreciates any effort no matter how small.

Bless you!

Rebecca, messenger for the Divine Feminine

To find out more about being able to bond with a very High Light Being

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Love and peaceful blessings,


PSPS_ If you feel a deep calling to be of world service go here and see if this resonates with you right now.


White Tara