“Rebecca, (says Sanat Kumara) you got some Big Cajones girl…

 no one has ever given me orders about my channeled messages. “

Read more about how this came about…

Sanat Kumara, powerful ascended master, has asked me(Rebecca) to do a live channeling for him.

This guy is already giving me such unique- never before heard- info that it is blowing my mind (well almost)

So, I said…”OK, I will channel for you…

BUT- I want you to give me Specific information that will help my readers.”

I then proceeded to write out bullet points of what I wanted for you.

When finished, I held the bullet points up and asked…”Sanat Kumara, can you deliver the goods?”

He gave a big laugh…”This has never been done before (a person giving me orders of what to channel) I love that-

and, I will absolutely deliver on these points.

 Because the information I am giving will be so unique, it will cause giant leaps in the understanding and co-creating process.”

Sanat continues… “Rebecca, you have great courage to ask for what you want for your readers.

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This in itself is a breakthrough! No longer do you (or anyone else) have to wait and take whatever info the spirit realm wants to impart…you can ask for what you want and we will deliver that.”

Rebecca: Here is what Sanat will deliver to you

“How to Rid Yourself of the Top 3 Enemies of Your Success”

negative self talk-that magnetizes destructive energy straight to you

chaotic energy– that steals your life force

crippling lack of focus– that paralyzes all forward movement

So that you can…

• get Crystal clear while receiving productive guidance

• release your dark fearful thoughts

• become extremely successful even if you are stuck in “failure mode” now

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 Sanat Kumara says  you are  in confusion because…

• You don’t know the area of the brain that keeps attracting chaos and negativity

• You mistakenly try and correct this by self criticizing your own negative thoughts

• You don’t know what to do instead (don’t know how to get clarity)

• You need a simple clarity technique that can be put on automatic so you don’t constantly have to remind yourself

• You need a solution that is based on “already in place human anatomy reactions”

What can you expect to get from this call?

Sanat Kumara is giving us the answers to:

• How do I get clarity?

• How do I stop spinning my wheels?

• So that I can create the life I desire without so much cotton pickin’ struggle!

Two class times for your convenience:

#1. Tues April 26 at 4 PM eastern (allow one hour)

#2. Tues April 26 at 8:30 PM eastern (allow one hour)

The live call is complimentary however there is a fee for the recording and audio.

One registration gets you entrance to Both class times.

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There is no free replay on this call.

Love and Blessings,

Rebecca with the big cajones (mightyBallsy is another way to put it)

PS: I am a channel for the Divine Mother. However, mother is bringing in specialists to help humanity flourish. She has asked me to accept each specialist She brings to me… and deliver the messages to you.

PSS: Mother says that High beings of light are blessed with certain gifts, specialties, passions.

I get the great honor of delivering the “passions’ of these high beings.

Mother says that on my birthday of 58 years (04/29) I contracted to become more fully devoted to her service. hang on folks…the channeling will intensify. The passions and gifts of High beings of light are being shared as never before!

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Sanat Kumara

“How to Rid Yourself of the Top 3 Enemies of Your Success”