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Health & Well Being

Everyday Things

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All About EFT

How to do EFT – Basic Tutorial
EFT, TAT, NDH – Part 1
EFT, TAT, NDH – Part 2
Tapas Accupressure Technique (TAT) Tutorial
EFT and Divine Light

Success and Finance

Remove Blocks to Money and Prosperity Attunment

Grab your pen and paper for this “mini-workshop” to clear a block to having more money. You may not have ever thought of clearing this particular block but it will do wonders for you! In this session you will learn about Non-dominant handwriting, Inner child sabatage, and how to clear it away with EFT.

Prosperity Angels Abraham Hicks Emotional Freedom Technique
Money – Part1
Money – Part 2
EFT to Remove Blocks to Money!
Prosperity Attunment & Remove
How to Make More Sales!

Health & Well Being

Emergency! Panic Attack Rescue! (When you’re right in the middle of one, bookmark this page to watch this video)

EFT for Panic Attacks
Mega Self Esteem – Part 1
Mega Self Esteem – Part 2
EFT Stress & Anxiety Relief
EFT for Better Breathing
EFT and Live Blood
EFT to Boost Your Immune System
Holiday Blues- Cure Them With EFT
Hope For Cancer – Part 1
Hope For Cancer – Part 2
EFT for Diabetic Neuropathy
Can LOVE Change Your Blood?
Mega Stress Relief- NOW!
Easy “Muscle Testing”
EFT “Thoughts are Real” – Part 1
EFT “Thoughts are Real” – Part 2

Everyday Things

Cure “Fear of Public Speaking” in 15 minutes – Part 1. Watch Eugen’s face go from dead pan serious to laughing and lighthearted and ready to get up in front of a crowd of his peers.- Go ahead, copy this technique!

Cure “Fear of Public Speaking” – Part 2
How to Sell Your House Quick!
How to Adopt a Baby Quicker
How to “Get your Baby Quicker”
How to Win Your Court Case – Part 1
How to Win Your Court Case – Part 2
EFT When You’re Desperate & Don’t Know What to Do!
OCD – Fear of Germs
OCD for Rituals
Mother God Azna, How to Get Your Petition Granted!
Fear of Flying
Fear of Driving on the Freeway
Surragate EFT Energy Healing for Your Child
Energy Healing for Your Pet
Helping a Dying Pet

Divine Things

How to have “Psychic Protection”

Whether you are a “healer or just going to the mall- you need to learn how to seal your energy field so you don’t absorb other people’s anxieties, fears, and pain. Learn these wonderful techniques and never worry about “unwanted vibrations” again.

Gain Psychic Powers – Part 1
Gain Psychic Powers – Part 2
How to Talk to Angels – Part 1
How to Talk to Angels – Part 2

Other Things

This is how my Momma talked to me…If you LOVE Southern Slang, you will adore hearing what my moma had to say about life with her wonderful, humerous expressions.

Guided Meditation Prosperity Tiny Angel Wings Abraham Hicks
Guided Meditation Divine Mother
A Visit from Arch Angel Gabriel
Mother Teresa on “The Killing Fields”
Mother Teresa Answers New Book, “Come Be My Light”

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