Elias will only take those clients he feels he can serve best.


You MUST be 18 or older!

He inisits that only a deposit be given and then he will scan you to see if you are ready.

Remember…this will be VERY erotic and sensual. You will be in a trance like state and feel …out of this world!

Do NOT consider this if you want ordinary!

(A eunuch who specializes in sexual healing is certainly NOT ordinary!)

Your deposit will be fully refunded if he does NOT feel he can serve you best.
(He will recommend something else for you)

As soon as you leave your deposit, you will get instructions via email
(and the thank you page) to prepare for your scan.

Deposit to hold your place for scanning is 100. (fully refundable)

$100 will save my place! I want Elias!

$100 deposit will save my place.






Prices for session with Elias (40 minutes of healing trance work)

Payment links will be sent to you ONLY after we get your email and Elias scans you remotely.

297 for one (minus your 100 deposit)

569 for two (minus your 100 deposit)

839 for 3 (minus your 100 deposit)








Below is an example of what to do to prepare for the scan.
Copy and past the questions into a new email please.

See questions below and reply to childsuzy@yahoo.com


Your desposit guarantees that your space is reserved for an “Elias Eunuch Healing Experience- Scan”

You will be one of the first to experiece the “Elias Eunuch Healing Experience”.

Once Elias and I scan your energy field. (If Elias feels he is not your best servant, he will recommend something else. Your deposit will be fully refunded or you can use it for another service.)


***I will do my best to respond to your deposit within 24 hours and get you schedualed as soon as possible.


If you live in US or canada, I will call- if in another country, I will email.

(if Elias feels he is your best servant.)

Q. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO to be scanned?

A. Write us an email and tell us a bit about your situation. Answer these questions please.

1. Do you have a lot of old sexual trauma? (Give as many details as you like)


2. Are you sexually active now? If so, is it a good experience for you?


3. What is your goal in working with Elias?


4. What will be a good indicator that you are making great progress? Share as many details, hopes and desires as you wish)


***Very Important:

Copy and past the questions into a new email please.

After filling in your responses please send reply to childsuzy@yahoo.com If you have more questions email or text me.

Use the childsuzy@yahoo.com or text 956-457-5568 I am eager to serve you in this fun and sexy manner!


Rebecca PS: If we are a fit…this will be a very sensual, erotic experience for you!

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