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HypnoSkinny…4 week Audio Course…Now on Groupon

 Groupon! 65%off! Tired of Being treated Like a Second Class citizen just because you’re Over weight? Hypnosis is one of the MOST Advanced Ways to Bypass the Conscious mind… Have…

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From The Pleiadians: Awakening Codes, Chance Encounters, and Nocturnal Travels

Many books contain codes within them, which when read, will unlock responding codes within the reader possibly awakening inspiration, motivation and hidden mysteries. (Have you ever been reading a book…

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Stop Cursing, Start Blessing and Watch Your Worries Fly Away…

This morning I was reading “Outrageous Openness” by Tosha Silver. Something she said got me to thinking… we could ALL use her advice. Tosha was talking about worry. She told…

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Healing Your past Life “Time-Triggers” Now on GROUPON- save 50%

Have you been going along just hunky-dory and all of a sudden for no apparent reason your life starts to go into failure mode? Could you be suffering from past…

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Twin Flame “How to Videos”

Past Life Surrogate work for your Twin Flame. Leave your Comments Below, please. Share to facebook if you like.

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