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Thank you Daily Om

Thank you for registering to receive this wonderful gift- "How to Thrive when The Market Stinks!" Please check your email for an email from me, Rebecca Marina. It will give…

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Friends of Om

How to Thrive When the Market Really Stinks! “For Pete’s sake Rebecca, why don’t you just hypnotize them?” In the last 4 years, my business has increased by over 900%….

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Special for new subscribers

The Irresistible Offer After the"Open the 3rd Eye" class, I asked Mother Azna what would be most helpful to your "continuing education" about increasing intuition. Azna suggested 3 dynamite audio-…

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How to Make ANY Money Principle work for you!

“How to Make ANY Wealth principle work like crazy!” I asked my chief guide, Sol to give me a new prosperity tip to teach that would work for everybody. Sol said, “Rebecca…

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Advanced Class on Near Death Experience, Plus Pet Bonus!

Advanced Class on Near Death (Plus Bonus: How to Bring Back Your Pet) Why fear death when you can be in total control? "Mellen is an encyclopedia of the afterlife."…

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