Free Psychic Readings Wed Oct 29 @4 PM Eastern

  A Conversation Between Divine Mother Azna and Rebecca… Rebecca: “Mother, This week, I’d like to do something special for my Readers. It must be fun, exciting , helpful -so that- all will love it… and I don’t want to charge for it.” Divine Mother Click here to read more ...


“Divine Soul Partnerships- Attract the Right Ones!

Last Chance teleclass tonight at 8PM eastern.     Good news! #1.You already HAVE Soul Agreements for Every Kind of Help you could ever want! #2.You SHOULD be enjoying, money, health and LOVE!   Bad news… #3. Your Signals are NOT getting to the Right Partners… Read Click here to read more ...


Caring for Orphaned Chihuahua Puppy

Here’s What Happened… Thursday morning I awoke with the strange sense of urgency get in your car and drive to South Texas where my former husband and 4 of my children live.I tried to resist but the urgency grew so strong it was almost panic.Of course I argued with the “feeling Click here to read more ...


Know Now: Spirit Guide Upgrade- Email Consult

  We all have spirit guides and they are always looking out for our best interest. But sometimes, a spirit guide may need a bit of “extra help”. You see, there are many Beings of Light who are eager to help…especially in this time of great shifting.   And sometimes, Click here to read more ...


Know Now: Destiny Readings With A Purpose

In Preparing for this lifetime, each one of us meant to be a much Greater Light than we are being now …Each one of us made a much greater plan then we are accomplishing now. Yet, in our soul’s journey, someĀ of us chose to align with a part of darkness for a brief time.But only so Click here to read more ...


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