Holiday Horror? How to End it Without Killing Anybody!

“I just wish the holidays would be over,”my friend groaned…”it’s pure misery to me and I just want it to be done with!” While the Holidays are joyful for some…for other’s it’s sad, lonely and miserable. If you love the holidays…you Click here to read more ...


The Lazy Way to Divine Guidance

  When I have a seminar to plan or simply need guidance… I just go to bed …yep, literally go to bed. How does this work? I call this my drowsy “download technique” and it is simply marvelous! Here’s how I use it and you can adapt to your own needs… Step Click here to read more ...


Archangel Gabriel…Boy? or Girl?

Someone asked me if Archangel Gabriel was male or female…When I saw him years ago… he appeared to be male, yet many others say that Gabriel is female. Perhaps it was because I was in need of “protection” when I saw him that he appeared male to me.So I asked Gabriel… Click here to read more ...


Let Your Pleasure be Your Treasure!

Why do I say “Let” your Pleasure be your Treasure? …Because so many times we feel guilty for spending time doing theĀ things that give us most pleasure.   Perhaps we don’t realize that the “energy of ecstasy” Is our highway to the Divine. Pleasure and Click here to read more ...


The Magic Prayer I Use when I Need an Answer Right Away!

This prayer has gotten me almost immediate answers. It goes like this… (I always put my prayer in writing) When considering a relationship: Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother (or whomsoever you pray to.) If this relationship is for my highest good, please bring it closer to me…if not, Click here to read more ...


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