Pleadian Protocol for Reducing Excess Body Mass *Audio Online Course

If you find yourself in an overweight condition and feel helpless to do anything about it…Please listen to what our Pleadian Friends have to say. After all, they have been watching and loving us for thousands of years! Nutshell Pleadian Protocol: Protocol #1. Remove De-Sensitizing Click here to read more ...


“Ray of Genetic Awakening” from Atlantis Sat. Aug 30 at 4 PM Eastern

    I was sitting in the audience of a “Matrix Energetics” Presentation when a wave of “Dolphin Energy” hit me.   It is certainly the most joyous energy I have ever felt. Spontaneous laughter welled up and burst out loud. There was no way I could stop it! The Click here to read more ...


How to Advertise for a Soulmate by Video!

Hey all you single guys and gals…consider this. You really show your authentic self on video. Women need help getting Sexy and Sensual? “Wake the Dead !”- 7 Week Sensuality Course for Click here to read more ...


“Wake the Dead” Sensuality Course for Women… No Partner Needed!

 Ladies! This is No paltry 2 Hour Course… Instead ,this is 7 Weeks of me giving you my very best- spirit revealed, life changing techniques! I KNOW this stuff works and I KNOW it can Change your life! Anything in Your Life Dead or Dying? • Your Business? Channeling this Energy can bring Click here to read more ...


“Heal Sexual Violation Trauma”with TBT! Now FREE for Surrogate or Those who cannot afford it.

Complete healing For Rape, Incest, Molestation, Abuse , Trauma Now on Audio! * If you will commit to attending and holding SURROGATE space, you pay nothing. If you want this healing and cannot afford it-you pay nothing.   But, If you want this healing and you CAN afford it (only $47- please Click here to read more ...


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