Healing Your past Life “Time-Triggers”

Do you suffer from past life time-triggers? How would you know? The time-trigger can be caused by reaching a certain age. It can be caused by a smell. a touch, an encounter from another soul who is unconsciously urging you to heal this. (This teaching does not apply to everyone… however Click here to read more ...


Twin Flame “How to Videos”

Past Life Surrogate work for your Twin Flame. Leave your Comments Below, please. Share to facebook if you like. Click here to read more ...


Mother Mary’s message (New)

PDF of written prayer/rosary : Just click I received this sweet message from Mother Mary for Easter and beyond. It begins and ends with a short prayer/rosary. Just saying it brings me peace. There is also a beautiful PDF of the prayer/rosary that you can download. No op tin or obligation- just Click here to read more ...


Lakshmi Adoration begins March 22

Wonderful News! A Worldwide Movement to Chant the Lakshmi Mantra will Begin March 22 and continue for 40 days! This is for the Abundance of the Entire planet…what you give out, you RECEIVE Back Multiplied! DETAILS *** This is an Entire program with Spiritual teachers from Around the World. Click here to read more ...


Belin’s Wedding Photos, Kizomba dance, Twin Flame Stuff

Happy combined Click here to read more ...


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