Divine Mother ‘Transmission of Elixir’. Discover & use Your Gifts

  Hurray! I’m home from a most wonderful journey to Singapore. Thank you for all the prayers. I held you in my heart as I was being’fueled up’ by Dr. Pillai. I had an interesting conversation with a young man I met there. When he asked me what I did I Click here to read more ...


Is Your Hypothalamus Shrouded? Awesome Audio Program!

 Fix Metabolism…Get Charged Up, Have Brilliant Ideas,Be Wonderful! Like penicillin, most greatest discoveries occur by accident… Here’s how it happened… My good friend Sue and I are doing a cleansing food program together. Her Phat-loss progress got stuck so I asked Click here to read more ...


Afraid to charge for your Gifts?

“The More you use your gifts…the richer you become. The only way to have your gifts grow stronger is to use them. Honor, Cherish and be proud of the Gifts you have. Value them and the sacrifices you made to have them” Holy Spirit to Rebecca Marina Messenger, June 19, 2014 So, why Click here to read more ...


Evidence for the Wife of Jesus?

To me…it’s obvious. I believe Jesus was indeed married… To Mary Magdalene . Why was his first reported miracle “turning water into wine”? Why would his mother come to him with this problem if it was not his very own wedding? An Egyptian papyrus fragment earned much Click here to read more ...


HPT Cures “Jailing Beliefs” for Relationships or Money

Today…it’s all about Your Money (and why the heck is it hiding from you) Using my latest HPT technique (which is short, Quick and Incredibly powerful) You will discover what is keeping Your Abundance at bay. But what good is that unless you can change it? Change it… by changing Click here to read more ...


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