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Flame on Sanat Kumara

Do this exercise and attract wonderful beings of light to assist you in all things. Channeled message through Rebecca from Sanat Kumara, great ascended master who has loved us forever!…

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HPT for Mother/Love issues

From Rebecca: My spirit advisors have been giving me instructions on the ‘power of merging’ when doing healing work. Imagine my delight when HPT master, Karen Olineck told me she…

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Why Use the Name Azna?

### Below are the words form the video transcribed for thos of you who prefer to read. : So Azna wanted me to tell you about the power of using…

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Power prayers!

I’ve been traveling for a week from California to deep South Texas. What a shock to go from 72 degrees to 105! (needless to say, I’m not having second thoughts…

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Spinal Column Fluid

 Do the exercise then scroll all the way to the bottom and leave me your comments! Well…my day started out on a very annoying note. I missed a very important…

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