I’ve never Seen Anything work like this!!!

The Miracle of Center Stage!


A couple months ago I was listening to my dear friend  *Burt Goldman tell an amazing story about one of his seminar students!


Burt tells the story of Bart Efraim, a man who obtained incredible results even though he was a born skeptic! (Burt says that he likes skeptics… they make the best converts)


You see, Bart had been “let go” from a prestigious position and had sunk into a deep depression!

(Hopeless couch potato describes it more accurately!)


 His friends had dragged him “protesting” down to a Burt Goldman Manifesting  Seminar thinking it might do him some good!


Well, Bart did  think some of the techniques Burt Goldman taught might be helpful… but he was thinking the Center Stage Technique sounded  plum crazy!


Center Stage is a technique developed by Burt Goldman that has shown to bring  remarkable results!


This method  programs the subconscious mind to manifest whatever you can dream up… using the power of “Stage Presence”.


So…Bart Efraim  decided to go all in…if for no other reason than to prove to his friends that this “center Stage” business was a bunch of malarkey!


Four months later, Ole Bart called my friend Burt Goldman to tell him the incredible news!


“ Everything I programmed for came true,” he excitedly told Burt… 


“When I did the Center Stage Exercise… I  programmed for a new job where I was the boss. I saw myself writing checks with my feet up on the desk .(that’s what bosses do) And, I saw myself driving a new luxury automobile!


It’s all coming true, I have all that I programmed for!”


Needless to say, Bart Efraim became an evangelist for Burt Goldman’s seminars! He brought in over 40 people over the course of time!


Hearing this story got me all excited!


Shoot…if a skeptic like Bart Efraim could get results just by following directions…I reckon I can get results too!


 I decided to go for a simple goal and yet one that I would know was no accident if it came true.


I did the exercise just like Burt had guided Bart Efraim to do.

I decided to set a goal of making a certain amount of money by July 30. 


I had not generated that amount in several years…so I KNEW it would be because of the Center Stage Technique.


Well, by July 23rd, I had already made that amount of money I programmed  for… so I decided to ask for a thousand more.

That amount came in rather quickly so I decided, why not go for another thousand?


It worked like a charm as a matter of fact it seemed almost magical.


Then for the next month I decided to just give it a rest. I didn’t program for any certain amount of income at all.


Call me silly, maybe I thought I was using up all my good luck and wanted to save some for later… ha,ha,ha.


Anyway, low and behold I made almost the same amount as I had in the month when I programmed… And I didn’t even do anything!


I got so excited about this process that I told one of my friends about it and I even sent her an outline of how to use the method. 


Well she did the technique, only her good fortune came about way quicker than mine!


 The very next day after doing her process she received a very large check.


Now, she was already expecting a check; however the check she received was 3 times more than what she was expecting.


My friend didn’t have the same worries as I did about wearing out your good fortune.


 A few days after that she programmed again and sure as Shootin’ another check shows up in the mail.(This time unexpected)


Now, I’m not saying that you’re going to do this process and everything in the world will happen for you. Nothing works every single time…however; it works enough of the  time to be worth trying!


Here’s what I DO KNOW…if you do nothing…you will get nothing!


Because I am always looking for ways to make any technique better,  I talked to Burt and asked if he could give me advice on making Center Stage even better.


Now, in case you don’t know Burt  Goldman crossed over this year on May 20.


 Burt is beyond tickled pink to see that his work is still going on and that it’s helping people.

He spent his entire lifetime creating methods to help humanity in every way. Plus…he trained with the great Maharishi Yogananda!  (Burt lived to his nineties with no special diet or exercise)


Burt  gave me some ways to tweak this process  that will get rid of your doubts and self sabotage!


Unfortunately many Light workers have been to so many prosperity seminars that they have become encased in a hard shell of doubt.


You may be wondering if this technique will work for you. (no matter how many books you’ve read or seminars you have been to)


Time to think about making your own Bart Efraim story! (only BETTER ’cause it’s YOUR Story!)

What would YOU program for… on the Stage of Life?

What ONE thing would make YOUR life a whole lot better within the next 30 days?

Get a VISION of Yourself HAVING MORE of what YOU want!


Don’t be concerned about all the obstacles…it’s MY job to help you with those!


You don’t have to worry…I will guide you in making this process successful. 

It’s usually something hidden that keeps you from manifesting…or a big fat gatekeeper!


Luckily… I am the QUEEN of helping you shine the Light on Your Limitations, Gatekeepers,and mental blocks!


Join me:


* Burt Goldman (AKA The American Monk) certified me in Hypnovision and his amazing Quantum Jumping program. Burt Goldman was the kindest, most sincere, knowledgeable  teacher I ever had! The stuff he came up with was just…miraculous!

You can be sure he will be peeking in from his place in heaven to cheer us on!


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