Zeus and Sarah

I did not know that Zeus was a healer…did you?

Personally, I always thought He was a bit scary…what with all that Thunder and Lightning persona.

He is usually depicted hurling bolts of Lightening at unsuspecting beings.


However…just as Jesus has been credited with harshly throwing people in “the Lake of Fire” for any small thing…so Zeus has been misaligned as well.

A few days ago, I was teaching a teleseminar and the God Zeus came in with a healing message.

Listen to that here:



Case Study PTSD: Sarah… I swear I will Never Drive again!

Sarah, a lovely your school teacher,  was involved in a car accident which totaled her almost new car… and left her VERY shaken from cuts and bruises!

This happened just as the  Pandemic lock down began.


Because she HAD to stay home anyway, there was no big hurry for her to get another vehicle. (school was switched to online)

However when she DID get ready to think about it…she found she felt paralyzed with fear!

PTSD from an automobile accident is very common and occurs in varying degrees of intensity.

For Sarah, she felt that she would NEVER drive again. (She began at an 8 of 10 intensity rating)

AS our session began, she agreed to play a little game with me.

Rebecca: Answer with your first thought and finish the sentence.

If I get into a car and drive I’m afraid that I will (fill in the blank)

Sarah: I am afraid I will DIE!


Rebecca: And if I die then (fill in the blank)

Sarah: I won’t have finished my life or what I came here to do!



So, we tapped on that…it only took two rounds before it came down to a 4 in intensity.

Rebecca: What do you think it is still at a 4?

What are the emotions you have as you think of the accident?


Sarah: I feel RAGE, anger, betrayal because the guy hit ME…and now he is trying to sue me personally to get more money!


Rebecca: Here is where the session switched gears! My intuition told me that the BETRAYAL energy was the root of everything else.

I was guided to call ALL the Betraying  people in her life into a circle of light.

We then did  an intense DISCONNECTION exercise with all of them and all the tentacles that were attached to her.

After this part…Sarah felt completely FREE from any PTSD and felt ‘Light as a feather” as she described it…as if a heavy burden has been lifted.

She was then a ZERO on the PTSD and ready to drive!


When I asked if there was any emotion holding her back from getting a new car…she replied,  ” Yes,  I am afraid about the financial burden of another car payment.”

Here another type treatment was called for.

I guided her into a fear releasing/ car manifesting  visualization and made her a short audio to listen to daily.

(Just listening to me give the audio for her seemed to do the trick!)

In the space of 45 minutes, Sarah went from terrified to even think about driving… to going Shopping for a new  car!

She was even making plans to get a friend to come pick her up and take her car shopping!


This is just a small example of how energetic healing PLUS a big dose of intuition can do miracles!


Sarah gave me permission to share her experience with you.

(Of course her REAL name is NOT Sarah… I would never talk about a case study using real names)



Love, Rebecca


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