Release Pandemic Pounds With Divine Mother

These Ain’t No ordinary fat cells!

These are pounds put on under duress!

The famine pattern has been activated due to the global panic over the virus!


What’s making it worse is that these pandemic cells are taking over your regular fat-cells and convincing them to hold on for dear life!

Hold on…famine is coming!

Divine Mother says…You need to have  a SPECIAL treatment on the fat-cells you acquired during the pandemic scare! 


She then gave me special instructions for a cell-shrinking and communicating exercise. 


You must convince ALL the fat cells that this is NOT the APOCALYPSE!


A few days ago…I went out dancing for the first time since quarantine. 

Gee…everyone was so much fatter than I remembered! (including me!)


Even the lead singer of a local band…a gal who NEVER gains!

She is the only person I know who went on a cruise and came back even skinnier than when she left!

Watching her waddle up to the mic to sing made me realize…this ain’t no ordinary weight gain!

This is an insidious sabotaging effort of our inner ‘caveman’ mentality to keep us from starving.


This wasn’t just the ladies…the mens pants were about to burst at the seams!


Back in the caveman days…every extra pound meant an extra chance for survival.


It seems no one is immune to the “Pandemic Pound” syndrome. 

You see, our scarcity gene got triggered in so many ways!


Standing in the aisle of an empty grocery store felt like a scene from an apocalypse horror movie!

This just CAN”T be happening in the 21 century.!


I noticed that I seemed to be out of control along with everybody else.

When normally, I might have a special treat one a week (I’m talking carrot cake here) I found myself having some every single day!


Finally, I realized what was happening and got a handle on it. 

I must say that these pandemic pounds have been the hardest to get off that I have ever experienced.


Finally, Divine Mother came to the rescue. 

Mother God Azna wants to do Miracles for you!

Divine Mother Azna

Start by forgiving yourself, she whispered.

Forgive yourself for getting caught up in the global panic.

It felt like the whole world was out of control and the only thing you COULD control was what went into your mouth!


Divine Mother is urging me to teach a class to help you release your own Pandemic Pounds. 

She is having me introduce a New kind of Hypnosis…The Divine Mother Method of More effective hypnosis.



Here are just a few of the issues that come up around these Pandemic Pounds. (see which ones are yours)


  • I don’t care enough about my weight to do anything about it.
  • I crave unhealthy foods and feel out of control.
  • I am an emotional eater.


  • I really don’t eat very much at all. (this can be true, buy your body is so terrified of starvation it hangs on to every pound for dear life)
  • I feel hopeless, I am fat and I will always be fat.What’s the use of trying?
  • I can’t exercise because of health conditions. 
  • I can’t exercise because I have no motivation.


  • I need a plan and someone to guide me.
  • I can’t do this by myself.
  • My metabolism is broken.
  • I am afraid of being deprived.

And then the very worst…

We are all gonna die anyway! Might as well eat and die happy!


With Divine Mother’s guidance…we have the tools to address and solve …every single one of these issues.


You have one really big job to do…


Yes, decide that you do want to be slimmer. 

You must have a reason for that. 

My reason is very shallow…I want to look hot when I’m dancing with my dance partner.

 (Of course the health issue is there too, the knees feel better with less weight)


What is YOUR reason?

Along with the Divine Mother Hypnosis Method, I am guided to help you focus on healing your liver!

(Almost everyone that is overweight has some form of fatty liver condition)

The world has gone crazy with all these diets that are heavy on the fats and it’s killing our livers!

I will go more in depth in class.

I KNOW that you and I can do this…together!

Treatments and/or hypnosis include:


  • Freedom from the Clean Plate club
  • Freedom from the caveman starvation pattern
  • Body Love (experience a 7 day mental diet where you cannot criticize your body)


  • Solution to Emotional overeating
  • Gastric band Hypnosis technique
  • Boost Your metabolism
  • Feel Enthusiasm for Exercise or movement


Q. What makes the Divine Mother Method of Hypnosis different from regular hypnosis?

A.  Divine Mother Method has a built in stimulator.

You will feel motivated to listen again and again and DO the suggestions.

It goes back to a primal need we all have.

Need for Tribal approval…this is tied to survival. 


This is a four week course:Delivered by teleseminar. (My system has free web calling)


Sunday June 28 at 2 PM eastern

Sunday  July 5 at 2 PM eastern

Sunday July 12 at 2 PM eastern

Sunday July 19 at 2 PM eastern

(If you have to miss a class, or time is not convenient, catch up by audio)


How much?

You might expect to pay $499 for a four week course like this.

However, I am extending PANDEMIC  COURTESY  to make it affordable for you

to shed your pandemic pounds with me.

You won’t pay $499

You won’t pay $399

Not even $299

This four week breakthrough course is only $199!





Need a payplan?

3 at $77 each!


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