Pandemic Panic Portal closed!

Audio program! 

This service was a CLOSING of this Panic Portal opened by the evil ones who call upon the  serpent headed shape shifters!

WE call upon the Mighty Power of the God of Purest Light!

My office as Portal Master, appointed by the God of All creation gives me the VOICE to command this to be so!

With YOUR help…it shall be done!

(FREE or a Love offering)

Now, let’s talk about the Panic that has been stirred up by the Pandemic Scare and the ensuing violence and political unrest.

It seems that no one has been immune to the unrest these evil chaos energies have been causing!

Many Lightworkers have found themselves caught up in the fear.

Before they realized it… they have been SUCKED into the Panic Vortex!


This is NOT anyone’s fault!

WE simply have NEVER been faced with this kind of world situation in our lifetimes!

It is human nature to be afraid of the UNKNOWN…and  my friends what we are facing today is certainly an unknown!

This situation has activated the old Cave Man DNA strands of:

  • Scarcity- fear of starvation (have you noticed almost EVERYBODY has gained weight?)
  • Fear for your life
  • Fear for your safety

THIS in turn had activated the very horrible and detrimental energy of HOARDING!

  • Hoarding FOOD (this causes you to overeat…it is simply the cave man self-preservation gene)
  • Hoarding household items
  • Hoarding finances (may NEVER have money again)

Of course this is all part to the now very well fed spirit of FEAR! (Fear Feasts off Chaos, panic, hoarding)

Have you noticed that people on the street who once greeted you with a big smile now seem suspicious of you?

People are afraid to leave their homes because of media propaganda!

Yes, there is a situation, yet it is not at all what it is being portrayed to be.



Remember in the Bible when Job was saying…

The Thing I feared MOST is come upon me?”

Fear is a BIG attractor factor!


A family member of mine…only 26 years old, was so terrified of the virus. that he would not allow anyone to come and see him.

He hardly went out himself. He felt he was protecting his father who has COPD.

Well…no one else has even a sniffle…however, the young man has developed a lung condition! No, NOT COVID 19, something they cannot identify.



In this healing service, we will be binding that spirit of fear that has possessed this land!

Are you with me?

Perhaps  you need me to bind that spirit of fear from YOU personally?

Yes, we will be addressing your PERSONAL fears…I plan on staying with you until you feel PEACE!

Everyone will have an opportunity to press *2 and raise your hand for personal prayer.

Folks…I am putting on My army boots, my robes of righteousness and picking up my Staff of power!

It is time for all LIGHTWORKERS to rise!

This will be an anointing service!

Mother/Father God, Jesus Christ and Thoth are asking me to annoint YOU to have some of this spirit of overcoming fear!

To be healers in your community just by your very presence!




Please  bring a container of water so that the blessings of Holy Spirit and healing energies can go into the water.

You made then drink some of the water yourself however use some of the water to give to someone in your life who needs healing just a few drops will activate a glass of water for someone else.

This event is free or a love offering


Please invite your friends, all of those you know who are ready for some healing as your faith grows so shout your healing gross it was Christ who said greater things than this shall you do.

Are you ready?



Love, Rebecca


PS: REGISTER  and I will send you the healing and deliverance by audio.

Mother/Father God have promised me that the energies STAY in my audios forever!





Yes, I want to help with a LOVE offering.

I ask  my Gift to Be Blessed and Multiplied.

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