The Unparalleled Power Of A Mother Who cares (and What to do if you ain’t got one of those!)

It is said that the prayers from a loving mother’s heart are the most powerful prayers in the Universe. 


You see, a Mother has spiritual authority to intercede for her child. 

Just a few days ago, I helped a mother bind and cast away the Spirit of Suicide that was plaguing her child.

NOTE: A mother is not authorized to MAKE a child bend to their will…however; a mother DOES have the authority to demand safety for this child no matter how old the child is!

The Good news is… the fierce love of a Divine Mother can wash away the pain of harsh mothering.

Divine Mother Azna

That is what I am presenting this weekend, a chance to bask in the radiant  love of THREE Divine Mother figures.



Imagine feeling Magical with the power of Seshat.

 (Known as the Fairy Godmother of Egypt)

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Imagine feeling POWERFUL with the Energy of Kali (Goddess Warrior who can destroy those obstacles to your happy life.)

Kali Mata


With Quan Yin, Imagine wrapping all that Mother Love into a peaceful cocoon and blissfully receiving the love of a mother that you always WISH you had!




This is what these Divine Feminine Mother Figures are offering to you. 

“”Come to Me, each heart that longs for the powerful love that only a TRUE mother can give.”

(Channeled message from the Trio)

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When you Channel, connect, and merge with one of these divine feminine beings…

you will always keep a portion of that resonant Energy.


Imagine the thrill of connecting and merging with all three!

You don’t need to worry if you don’t know how…

Simply DO what I teach you in class- on a regular basis, then you  feel as  a cherished child and become a reflection of the Divine Mother Energy

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It’s like having a fierce Tigress fighting for you all the time from Kali Goddess of Destruction. 


With Seshat it can be having a magical occurrence happening daily.


With Quan Yin you are bathed in a sense of peace all the time, knowing you are safe.


These three Goddesses are so eager to connect with you they asked me to offer you this…


Seshat says: 

“I would grant  you one magical miracle in your life.”


Kali  says: “I will give you strength and courage to face an adversary if needed… yet, gift you more courage to find  your own Inner Strength.”


Quan Yin says: “I will pour out my peaceful energy so much that you will feel peace and safety in every situation.”


From Rebecca: I have no idea how these Divine Ladies are going to give you these offerings. 


However: Because I AM a channel and they are so eager to connect with you, I am not worried at all.

I will show up and channel the energy of each one of these Divine Ladies. 


That is just ONE great thing about developing your skills at channeling…you become  the willing vessel. 

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Get your resistance out of the way. 

(Of course I show you HOW to do this)


Let their Divine Energy merge with YOUR Divine Energy and the Highest Good for ALL is exactly what will come forth.


So…do you want to join us? (me and the Divine Ladies)

Course is THIS weekend. 

You have TWO chances to receive this awakening, merging as you WILL learn to channel all THREE Divine Ladies.


Read more about this. 

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Love, Rebecca


PS: No worries about the tuition, there is a very do-able pay plan.


PPS: If you want to connect with these Divine ladies this weekend but are not interested in the course…there IS another way… 

The energy will be running strong because I am opening a PORTAL of greater connection from these ladies. 

Be still and open your heart!


PPPS: The Divine Mothers understand human nature.

No need to feel embarrassed if you want to connect with them for your own needs…that is what a TRUE Mother does.

Respects that you NEED them!


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PPPPS: Remember, if you are NOT interested in the course, simply take some time to be STILL this weekend while focusing on connecting with them.

The portal that I, as Portal Master, am opening brings in a flood of Their Energy for all.

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