Seshat: Fairy Godmother of Egypt: Urgent Blessing and Awakening


Seshat is the wife and wisdom consort to Thoth The Atlantean in all  incarnations.

This morning in my meditation…Seshat came in and asked me to deliver an urgent message to all Lightworkers who are ready to receive.

Are you ready to receive?


I took the message down in writing and typed it all up.

Then I made a video and just let Seshat  “take over”.


Watch the video for the Live and in person message.


Here is the written message.

The messages are similar, yet, you can REALLY feel Her power in the video.

A message from Seshat, also known as Elnor in the times of Atlantis, leader of the Divine warrior women of light in the time of Atlantis.

Seshat is also known as a fairy godmother of Egypt in the Egyptian era.


Wife and consort advisor to Thoth the Atlantean in all incarnations.


Seshat is Desiring to speak to the people of Earth…

to call forth the awakening of the divine feminine spark and all of humanity.


Seshat,  also known as Elnor speaks:


It is my honor to be part of your further Awakening at this time in your history.


 Know this, each of you who are here now listening came forth specifically to be part of this resistance to the corruption found within the patriarchal rule.


All you who choose to listen will be imbued with the divine feminine spark that brings even more courage, even more awareness, even more Awakening.


As you go within and ask…

What is my purpose in all of this?

How can I serve Humanity in the highest capacity ? 


Wisdom and guidance  will be revealed to you as to what is  your forward path and how to go about that.


As you go within to receive your own special guidance, you will find yourself infused with energy when it is time for you to move into action.


Do not worry that you feel you don’t know what to do…  as you find a quiet place and go within, all will be revealed to you one step at a time.


Your world is not ending!

 You are in a place of new beginnings and you will find yourself making new choices.


Those of you who chose to be a headliner of this resistance to enslavement, will find yourself guided in miraculous ways.


Some of you who feel the most timid will be surprised to find a warrior within Awakening.


Stand by for the blessing and Imbuing of  power from the Divine Mother Essence.


The divine feminine comes in the acceptable guise of the Holy Spirit.

As you realize the true power of the Holy Spirit to awaken, refresh, and set you on fire!


It was  in the time of Christ on Earth that he said…I leave you a Comforter the Holy Spirit, who shall imbue you with power and teach you all things. 


 Now is the time to open your hearts in this great outpouring of anointing power.


Close your eyes, as you relax roll your eyeballs slightly upward as if you are indeed trying to see the anointing power of holy Fire upon your head.


Imagine there are tongues of fire upon your head.


 The warmth of that fire begins to infuse your whole being with power and Awakening.


 You begin to see more clearly that you chose to come forth at  this particular time in history and that you are a spark of light!


 In all of the world there is none like you!


In  all of the world there is none with gifts such as you have.

 As you surrender to the calling that you feel within your heart asking for guidance


You will feel that sweetness of the divine feminine Holy Spirit fire beginning to fill your being with  light and sweetness.


 The other side of that sweetness is power and belief in yourself such as you have never known.


 Receive this gift and allow that Awakening to begin.


 This Light and power searches within your being and finds a home there.

Soon you will become very comfortable in thinking of yourself as a warrior of the Light.

One who stands for all that is pure and good!


One who knows hot to say NO to those who would enslave you. Arise now beloved one for there is no one who can take your place.


 All is well with you as you take time daily to be still and to go within.


 Every step you take will be divinely-guided.

 You are the spark that is needed!


You are the spark the world is waiting for.


 You are a Unique Piece of this transformation we are now experiencing on Earth.


 I say to you Awaken! 


Please share as guided.


Love, Rebecca



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