Message from My Sweet Mama on the “Other Side”




A few days ago…in my meditation,

I felt the presence of my dear sweet Mama wanting to come through.


It’s been over 18 years since Mama crossed over.

I have not communicated with her that much because I always considered

that she might still be stuck in her old religious judgments.


  I just wasn’t in the mood to have any old religious judgements put upon me.


Keep in mind that when relatives cross over they still may have an agenda for you.

It’s very important that YOU know they are  evolved… BEFORE you start taking advice from them.


Judging from the message my Mama gave me, I will say that she has had a LOT of teaching and evolution while on the “other side”.


I actually love this message my Mama gave to me and I think you will too!


This message Mama gave to me set me free from a lot of old self-judgements and guilt.

I invite you to take in this message for yourself as in coming from your own Mother or from The Divine Mother.



 Each of us here are in the reality of our own heaven.

That reality which we created with our beliefs on Earth.


Whatever Deity we believed in during our Earthly lifetime, we carry forward here.


All creation is for our growth, especially here!

(The longer we are here we learn the amazing power we have to create and expand our own heaven.)


Heaven, or the “other side” as you call it is our own creation. 

If we desire to see many of our loved ones or pets… Then we see them and interact with them.


Old Leo is here, but now he is Young and frisky instead of old, blind, and Toothless.


From Rebecca:

A bit of explanation… Old Leo was one of our dogs who lived about 18 years.  He just kept on  living even though he was blind and toothless.

My sweet Mama would mash up his food and out the bowl right in front of his so he would not starve.


Old Leo may have lost his hearing …but he could smell a female dog in heat a mile away!

 He would find a way to escape the yard  and be gone about three days.


He would somehow find his way home  and come back very skinny from going without food.  But He also came back with a big satisfied grin on his   toothless face.

Usually leo returned with a few battle scars from fighting the other dogs in order to win the mating rites of some sexy female dog in heat.


Back to Mama:

Here on the other side, we enjoy a time of beauty and refreshment before deciding if, when, and how… we want to Incarnate again


Now Becky, you know that I never believed in reincarnation in my lifetime as your mama.


Yet now, I have a far more clear picture. 


I see now that life is a progression of growth, of experiences.


I also see that I would like a chance to rectify some of my behaviors that were brought about by wrong teaching.


From Rebecca: 

My mother was taught that you begin to spank a child at 5 months old for  crying. This is a teaching from her upbringing and she thought she was doing the right thing.

(Please don’t make judgements of her…how many things have WE done because of our wrong teachings  inflicted upon us by authority figures?)



I know that I did the best I could with what I believed was true.


I also know that you, daughter, still feel guilty because you think you did not do enough for me.


From Rebecca: When Mama was sick, I had two small children and found it very difficult to balance what I wanted to do for Mama and what I HAD to do for my kids.


Mama continues:


You feel that you didn’t visit me enough and you regret that you felt impatient with me sometimes.


I saw all of this in my own life review.


 Just as I did the best that I could… 

Becky, I know you did it beyond the best you could.


It amazes me that you had the courage to keep volunteering to cook at the hospice house where I spent my last days.

Yes, you kept volunteering  weeks after I had crossed over.


Especially because I KNOW  that you don’t like to cook!


 Yet you showed up and cooked for the families of those who were in the dying process.


It gives me so much joy to see how all of you, the family are bonding together at this difficult  time.


From Rebecca: 

During Covid-19 quarantine, we have formed a family chat and share all about our lives each day! Before this…we were never in a chat group like this. We pray for each other, share news and jokes too!




 Becky… okay it’s just an old Habit to call you by your childhood name.


I Now understand why you refuse to answer to that childish name… you are indeed a wonderful Rebecca!


If you desire it I will love to connect with you in writing more often.


I promise that I have let go of all my old judgemental agendas that I had for you.

  In the place that I am now… I can see far more clearly.

 I look at your heart Rebecca, and your dedication to your calling and I am amazed!

I apologize, I never knew the person that you truly are.

I only held a vision of what I thought you should be.

 Honey,  you know you will never, and would never… fit into that mold that I had for you!


Rebecca, you are perfect as you are, in my eyes.


You are a shining light!

  I can also see that in many lifetimes… you were a mother to me.


We will always belong to the same soul group together.

If I can help you with guidance of an  unearthly kind,

please call upon me.


 I am your loving mama.



Thanks Mama!


And much love to you who read this!

May your life be filled with Blessings!








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