A Secret Path to Having a Life of Greater Ease Even in the Worst of Times

June 13 and 14.

A Secret Path to Having a Life of Greater Ease Even in the Worst of Times

Why You Need It:

  • So that You can have more love, happiness, and ease in all areas of your life
  • So that You can leave struggle, worry and strife far behind
  • So that You KNOW your life will be much easier from here on out
  • So that you can feel pride at being of such great service
  • So that you can give a Lesser Known Light Being a voice


June 13 and 14.

A Secret Path to Having a Life of Greater Ease Even in the Worst of Times (Beginner Friendly)

(Prerequisite: You Must have taken ONE of the other courses BEFORE you can take this one)

This just may be my very favorite course to bring to you.

Because if you follow the steps, you will have a life of ease even in the worst of times. 

I KNOW this to be true because it happened to me!




Thoth the Atlantean came to me and asked me if:

  • I would channel him for a time
  • I would put his Emerald Tablets into chapter and verse format
  • I would pay attention to his wisdom by spending time reading/absorbing The Emerald Tablets

I said YES, I would… but I want something in exchange!

This is very unlike me. I usually just do as requested.

I wasn’t sure if anyone even WANTED to hear from Thoth and I did not know what this would do to my business.



So, I said…Yes, Thoth, and in Exchange, you must grant me a life of greater ease!

He agreed and I began the work on Putting the Tablet into chapter and verse format.

(This task took me over 4 months of concentrated effort and considerable cost.)


Each time I channeled Thoth, the event was very well attended.

I did not have to remind Thoth about his part in the deal.

Money appeared out of nowhere to take care of all my needs. 


 I did not place any time limit on the “Life of Greater Ease”so I expect it to continue.


Miraculously, I have NO anxieties about finances even in this crazy shut-down time.

Now, Thoth is coming forward to ask me to offer the same thing to you. (Not with him but with another Light Being)



Thoth says…

“There are many ‘Lesser Known’ Light beings who are eager to be of greater service at this time.

They NEED a human vessel to do their Greater work.(A Light Being cannot get any messages through unless some human is the bridge between them and humanity.)

They do indeed have many miraculous powers and can  move mountains on your behalf!



In this class, I will have a list of “Lesser Known” Light beings and help to match you up.


Question: Why Lesser Known Light Beings?

Answer: Because all the really popular Light beings have an OVERFLOW of humans wanting to work with them.

The Lesser Known Light Beings are more eager, yet simply don’t have as many followers. 


Question: What sort of things might a Lesser Known Light Being ask me to do?

Answer: They could ask you to do  just one task or several.

It can be as simple as communicating with them each day.

It could be simply chanting their name.

I guarantee you that it will not be something beyond your reach!


However…you must be faithful to do it…or the deal is off!


You will be partners…not servant and master!

Question: What should I ask for?

Answer: Lets not be greedy as that energy is not productive.

Why not do as I did and ask for “A life of greater ease” for yourself?

After all, you may need greater ease in your career, in your health, in your relationships…it’s NOT just about money. (but it can be)



If this is calling to you…please don’t worry. We can work together on this in the class.

In working with Thoth, I have met his precious Consort, Seshat, Fairy Godmother of Egypt!

Thoth, Seshat and I are writing a second book based on  Emerald Tablet Three which is the wisest tablet of all!

(We are grateful to Lee Wolf for her help in editing and making suggestions.)



BOTTOM LINE BENEFIT Of Making a deal with A Lessor Known Light Being:

As long as you keep your part of the bargain, they will keep theirs more profoundly that you can imagine!



PS: You can call it off at any time if you no longer desire to participate.  There will be no recriminations and the blessings will continue for awhile.


See Low fee at bottom of page.


Choose from  List of  Courses     (Below)

Week One: Accelerate Psychic Awareness with My 3-Brain System May 23 and 24.

(Valued at $300) On Sale at 150! (Or take all 4 for only 77.77 a month)


Week Two: Crash Course in Channeling the Divine Feminine May 30 and 31.

(Valued at $300) On Sale at 150! (Or take all 4 for only 77.77 a month)


Week Three: Crash Course in Channeling the Divine Masculine June 6 and 7

    (Valued at $300) On Sale at 150!  (Or take all 4 for only 77.77 a month)


Secret Path to Having a Life of Greater Ease Even in the Worst of Times  June 13 and 14.

Valued at $300 (No discount on this one) (Or take all 4 for only 77.77 a month)


Get all 4 courses valued at   $1200  for only $277!

or 4 Payments of $77.77 each!

It is my sincere desire for you to have access to ALL this teaching!

This is why I am making it so affordable!

See ya in a course very soon!

Love, Rebecca



Each Course  presented twice each week.  (To accommodate various time zones worldwide)

Note: My system has FREE web calling from anywhere in the world.

Each Saturday at 3 PM Eastern.

Each Sunday at 2 PM Eastern

(No extra charge for attending the same course on BOTH days)

*Each Online Course from two to three hours long (with breaks)

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