Crash Course in Channeling the Divine Masculine

June 6 and 7

Crash Course in Channeling the Divine Masculine

Why You Need It:

  • So that you can tap into STRONG masculine Power anytime you need it
  • So that YOU feel strong, have more power, feel able to leap over mountains
  • So that you can tap into Father/Male support anytime you need it
  • So that you can easily channel any OTHER energy
  • So that you can get advice from the Male perspective and balance the Divine feminine perspective

*Low fee at bottom of page

: June 6 and 7

Crash course in channeling The Divine Masculine! (Beginner Friendly)

(You will channel 3 different Masculine Deities.)

Thoth, wise man, powerful Priest King (When you need wisdom and how to survive and thrive even in disasters)

Zeus, Father of Thunder and Lightning (When you need some masculine power to clear the way for you!)

Saint Francis, Peaceful Saint, lover of animals and protector of all things of nature.

(When you need a breath of fresh air and more peace.)

Big helper to all who love animals and nature – exactly what the world needs right now!

*I am very excited about channeling Zeus myself!

As I asked, the Beings who wanted to be part of this stepped forward.

I would never have dreamed of Zeus in a million years!

Question:  Why Three? (Similar to the Divine Ladies course)

Answer: Because my guidance tells me that students need to be aware of HOW the different Deities feel to them.

(Each Masculine Light Being ASKED to be part of this so they could connect with you!) 

*And Yes, the Divine Men KNOW who is being called to register.



Question: How is “feeling the difference” beneficial?

Answer:  As you “feel” the differences, you note which feels more comfortable to you.

It is very likely that the one you feel a bit uncomfortable with,  is the exact one that you need more power from.

This “fine-tunes” your gift of discernment.



As you merge with each of these Divine Masculine Beings, you will retain some of their energy long after class is over. 

Most teachers only teach you how to channel ONE Light being at a time. 

Now is the time of acceleration and I KNOW that you will be able to establish connection with THREE in one session.

You don’t have to worry. I will be there to hold your hand and guide you. 

Don’t forget that I am a “portal master” and if you get stuck…I will simply open a special portal just for you!


Feel Peace, Comfort, Love and Confidence as you KNOW you can get guidance anytime you choose!.





Choose from  List of  Courses     (Below)

Week One: Accelerate Psychic Awareness with My 3-Brain System Audio Course

(Valued at $300) On Sale at 150! (Or take all 4 for only 77.77 a month)

Week Two: Crash Course in Channeling the Divine Feminine Audio Course

(Valued at $300) On Sale at 150! (Or take all 4 for only 77.77 a month)


Week Three: Crash Course in Channeling the Divine Masculine June 6 and 7

    (Valued at $300) On Sale at 150!  Or 3 payments of 51.

 (Or (SMARTER OPTION) take all 4 of these courses for only 77.77 a month)

Secret Path to Having a Life of Greater Ease Even in the Worst of Times        June 13 and 14.

 You won’t be able to get this…unless you have at least ONE of the other courses under your belt.

Valued at $300 (No discount on this one) (Or take all 4 for only 77.77 a month)


Get all 4 courses valued at   $1200  for only $277!

or 4 Payments of $77.77 each!

It is my sincere desire for you to have access to ALL this teaching!

This is why I am making it so affordable!

See ya in a course very soon!

Love, Rebecca



Each Course  presented twice each week.  (To accommodate various time zones worldwide)

Note: My system has FREE web calling from anywhere in the world.

Each Saturday at 3 PM Eastern.

Each Sunday at 2 PM Eastern

(No extra charge for attending the same course on BOTH days)

*Each Online Course from two to three hours long (with breaks)

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